And All 34 Of Us Had a Bed, Too!

We have just returned from a HUGE family reunion, and man are we tired, but very glad we went!
We are tired because we drove and played and laughed and stayed up late and watched movies and football and shopped and ate, ate, ate and talked, talked, talked and shopped some more and hiked and rode rides and played putt-putt and got in the hot tub and... WHEW! We are exhausted!

Here are the smallest of the 34 attendees... (from the left) our Caroline, 4 year old Lauren, 2 year old Jackson, 3 year old Logan and 6 year old Mitch in the back! They had a BALL! All you have to do is look at Caroline and Lauren to tell how tired they all were. They had chased each other all over the house that we all rented for 3 days and had a blast, but they were all about to fall over by today.

One day my husband, Caroline and I went hiking with his mom and dad, aunt and uncle and 3 cousins. It was such a gorgeous trail and the weather was perfect. It was really good to catch up with them and their family, and get to see such a neat place all at one time!!

I love this picture of Steve and Caroline climbing the rocks on the trail.

There were bridges with awesome views of water cascading over rocks. It seriously looked like something out of a movie! Ain't God good?!

Another day we went to a little amusement park where some of the cousins wanted to take the little kids to ride rides. It was pretty fun! Caroline and Lauren were the smallest ones to go so they rode some kiddy rides....

Near by there was a go-cart track that went up on a spiral track and then came back down. Caroline loved watching it and wanted to ride, but she was too young to do it by herself. SO she batted her lashes and jumped up and down and managed to talk her daddy into driving for her!And she had a BALL! Here she is pretending to drive while daddy had all of the fun speeding around the track!

While we were waiting on the girls to ride rides this lady walked up pushing a stroller. She had a little girl with her and they stopped to buy tickets for rides. My sister-in-law noticed that the stroller had a little dog in it and could not believe it when she saw the dog turn around! She had on a dress! Well, a tu-tu actually! I wish you could have seen the men in our group roll their eyes and just plain stare! It was so funny!! I wish I had taken a picture of it now. Quite the dog lover... and quite spoiled... I must say!

Here's Caroline with my husband's cousin, Amy. She is such a sweetie (and I love her hounds tooth hat... even if it is Alabama!) and was working on her computer when Caroline walked up and wanted to "check her e-mails!" We all just died!

Being in the car for 4 hours with 4 adults and a kid can be pretty funny. At one point Caroline was so hungry, but there wasn't a place to stop. She kept saying, "I'm hungry, mom. Grammy, I am hungry." We just kept saying "HANG ON! WE ARE TRYING!" All of the sudden Caroline knocked on the car window there next to her seat and said, "Help me God!" OH! We all just howled!!
I wish I had taken some pictures of Daniel, Steve's cousin that organized this shin-dig, in the kitchen! Brotha man had a couple of chef's jackets and was seriously a cooking machine. One morning he got up and made 3 pies for dinner that night, home made biscuits and omelets for anyone who wanted one! He made homemade chicken and dumplin's last night and for appetizers he made fried green tomatoes! OH. SHUT. UP! You would NEVER believe how good it was and he saved us all a lot of money since we didn't have to eat out every meal!
Well, it's only 8:30 and I am the only one still sitting up at this house! Both of my sweeties are in the bed and I am soon to follow! What a fun weekend!! Night, Night!


Faith said…
Looks like you guys had so much fun. I love all the pictures, especially the pretty!

Missed you guys and glad you are back!
MiMi said…
Looks like you had a great time. I love the picture of Steve and Caroline climbing the rocks on the trail. So sweet!

Hope you are getting rested up and have a great week!
Leigh Ann said…
That looks like SO much fun. I love that pic of Steve and Caroline on the rocks, too. Precious. Glad you guys had a great visit with the fam!

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