Did I Mention That I Am Failing First Grade?

So yeah. There's another big first grade blunder that I have managed to accomplish. This from a woman with a degree in education mind you.

SPECIAL ed. ... some of my friends keep pointing out the irony here... but yes, I feel like my kid's precious teacher is just shaking her head and saying, "Bless her heart." (You know that means "your a total idiot" in the south! Right?)

See, a few weeks ago I got an e-mail from my daughter's teacher saying that she had a lady that was going to be THE room mom for her first grade class, but that she wanted help and she wondered if I could do that...help, ya know?

So I said, "Sure! I can help. I don't want to be THE room mom, but I can help."

Well, there was this meeting and it was for THE room moms so I didn't go because, you know, I am not THE room mom. I'm the helper.

Later that day I get an e-mail saying, "We are so sorry that you could not attend our meeting today. Here are the notes from THE room mom meeting. We are also attaching our policies for the year," etc. etc. etc. Then there was a list of all of THE room moms for each class and MY NAME was the only one listed for my daughter's class!!

WHAT!?!? ME!? THE room mom? I thought I was THE helper. Not THE room mom!!

Immediately I begin to think that if I am indeed THE room mom then I have perhaps missed some major thing like... oh, I don't know... her teacher's birthday where a definite party should have been planned or something! Or I have totally failed to plan lunch duty for the parents so that the teacher can have a well deserved break OR who knows what!!

So I e-mailed her teacher in a total panic. (Here's where the teacher is saying "Bless her heart" to her family members over dinner that night) I explain the earlier e-mail and just apologize all over myself for failing in THE room mom area.

The next day I get a kind e-mail from the teacher explaining that there is indeed another mom that is THE room mom and that they had just left her name off of the list. (WHEW!) BUT that she did have the party dates planned and that the first party would be IN TWO WEEKS! TWO WEEKS PEOPLE!

Now I am crafty and I am pretty creative, but there are 20 kids (or so) and we need crafts, games and snacks that are all super fun and entertaining for a bunch of 6 and 7 year olds. IN TWO WEEKS! No parents have been contacted. No food bought or even planned for, for that matter, and NO CRAFTS yet! Oh my.

I really hope I learn from all of this for next year. Bless my heart.


Tisha said…
Hey - I was Room Mom last year for Mrs. Staples. She pretty much planned everything and we just implemented the plan and got volunteers, food lined up etc. The way that Mrs. Staples does parties is really easy. She does stations, so you would have a craft station, a game station, a snack station, etc. The actual stations would be the set of desk that are pushed together. The kids would just cycle through the sets of desk. It really worked well and there weren't a bunch of kids just running around. We would get a parent to "man" each station and help!

Let me know if you need any other ideas.
Heather said…
I am so sorry about all this! This stresses me out just thinking about doing all this in a few years! There really should be a "how to manual" or something for the parents!!!
Melissa said…
Oh ya'll are so sweet to help me! Don't let it stress you though! Use me as a "what not to do" lesson!! HA!
Rebecca Jo said…
That's what the internet is for - to find some creative games & crafts & easy snacks! That's the one good thing - with 6-7 yr olds - it doesnt take much to make them happy!!!
Faith said…
Oh girl, you are cracking me up! I have no doubt that you will pull it all together and those little first graders will have a fantastic party, the likes of which they've never seen before! You can do it!

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