God Speaking

Today they came to me in 30-45 minute increments. Kids struggling to make it in school. I was able to help one spell, one do math and one organize and write a paragraph. They smiled and said thank you. They went on their way. On to another thing. On to try again.

God, somehow, almost always says something to my heart through kids. Especially those that struggle in one way or another.

"Don't give up."

"Press on."

"Come to me and let me help. Don't try it all alone."

"Smile. We made it through that! We will make it through the next thing. Just don't stop."

"You can do this! It may not be easy, but you CAN do this! WE can do this."

"You may not look like everyone else, but that's ok! I made you like you are for a reason. Be the BEST you that you can be!"

Things that He says to me as I see kids that need an extra hand and know that THEY need to hear. I need to hear them too.

Somehow when He calls you to something He uses that thing to feed your spirit. My "thing" seems to be kids with disabilities. It does not have to be a severe disability. It's just that when I know that a kid is somehow struggling it just makes me want to help. It makes me want to jump in there and encourage... give something of myself.

God said, "It is more blessed to give than to receive." Acts 20:35 I know it's true because when you see a kid "get it" because of something you've said or done... well, your heart just swells with joy!! Not because of anything you've done, but because THEY go it!! They somehow heard differently that one time, and TA DA! They got it!! When you give a little of yourself... the blessing is so huge that you don't really realize that you gave anything... because you gain so much.

I am so thankful that He speaks through things that we never expect. I really didn't think that these students would bring such encouragement my way.. and THEY had no idea that I needed it. But God did. And I am so glad He did.


Faith said…
I needed to hear them too. Thank you so much for sharing what God is showing you through these special children.
Love you!!

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