Coupon Craze!

Yesterday I HAD to go to the grocery store. There was no way around it. We were out of EVERYTHING. I mean, we were rationing milk among the three of us just so everyone could have a teaspoon of it!

So first I dropped my daughter off at school and went to work out. When I was leaving the gym I saw a friend that I have known for a while. She asked where I was going and I told her about our empty fridge. Another friend walked up and asked, "Did you know our friend here is BIG into couponing?"

Well, I know that people clip coupons. I know that I have heard about people saving tons of money using them too. But when our friend started to share about JUST how much she saves and how many coupons she clips... well, that was just maddness!

We walked to our cars where she told me to get my list. She got out this HUGE... ya'll... oh my word... notebook with baseball card organizers in it... FULL... chock FULL of organized, categorized, and stapled coupons. I got my list and named off the things that I was planning to buy and girlfriend had a coupon for nearly every single little item on my list. Not all, but a lot more than I had to start with so I had hit the jackpot!!

While she was giving me the coupons she was explaining to me that there are so many women in our area that communicate via web sites to help one another know when different stores will have specials. She said that Harris Teeter is the best store to shop because they will accept any competitor's coupons and they double them! She also said that you sometimes have to stockpile because that is how you get the most savings.

Maybe ya'll know all of this already? But to me... it was NEWS! I mean, I know that Harris Teeter doubles coupons and all, but I guess I never put much thought to it. And WHO knew that I could have been online finding out how to save on groceries?? I don't really pay attention to who has what on sale when... I just go to the store when we are low. Well! What a mistake! Apparently.

Now, hear me here... I was going SHOPPIN'! Not just running in to get a few things... and she had something for me for almost everything on my looooooong list. I was so excited that I called my husband! "You just wait! I am going to save us a bundle today honey!"

So off I went. I did not have a paper clip or an envelope or anything to keep all of it together so I looked like an unorganized 5th grader walking in... tiny little squares of paper occasionally flying around. But I finally got settled in my buggy and IT WAS ON! I was bent on saving me some money!!

I did have to buy more than one thing at times to get the deal that they were offering. So I did have 52 rolls of toilet paper and 48 rolls of paper towels. (Oh, not really! It just felt that way!) And I (REALLY) did get 4 packs of cookie mix so that I could get the savings. (yes, I will eat them all... did you REALLY think I wouldn't?) Thing is... everything that I bought double on are things that we definitely would use. I did not end up with something that will go to waste just to save a dollar. So that was good.

And they didn't have a sale on ice cream... which I NEED for all of those cookies... so I had to buy that outright. A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do.

ANYWAY... I got to the check out and my little bag guy was so sweet, but he was talking to me! STOP IT! I need to see how much I am saving here, child!

The receipt was growing by the second and I was beginning to think I had made a big mistake..until she got to the coupons!!! Oh my word! By the time it was all over and done with I had saved $76 in VIC coupons and with the added coupons from my friend I saved $104!!!!!!

Needless to say my husband is ready for me to get on line to find out about the sales, hook up with other couponers and find out the scoop, get me a notebook and some baseball card organizers, and get to clippin'!

Oh, what have I gotten myself into??


MiMi said…
That is wonderful! I used to be a "coupon queen" back in the day, and it really is exciting to save that money with coupons! I love Harris Teeter and I do LOVE double coupons! You need to let us in on all your "couponing" secrets now, OK?
What a great friend to have, too! I'd take her along every time if I were you!!
Faith said…
I KNEW Steve would be excited about this! I'm proud of you girl. It's fun to get some deals!
Tisha said…
That's awesome. I know Nicki does the Grocery Game. I need to spend more time working on it I guess. I seem to never find coupons for what I am shopping for. You will have to give us some hints!!
amy said…
As you now know, I love me some grocery shopping and I love planning and saving money. Just the other day I was home with the kids, they had pink eye, and I cleaned out a drawer for my next project, CLIPPING COUPONS! No kidding!! So you have inspired me to start today!

Heather said…
I definitely need to get on the ball for some coupons! You are so funny- it's like I can hear you talking as I read this! I love it!

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