More Coupons!

Hey girls! I wanted to let you know that I found another website. It's and on this website you get to see lots of different places where you can save. They do have printable coupons, but they also allow you to choose whether or not you want info. from Target, Walmart, Rite Aid and other stores.

The "thing" (You know, the catch... the "thing") with this site (that isn't a big deal really) is that you have to go through a few pages of offers that you either accept of skip. Just skip those if you are not interested. That's what I did.

The cool thing is that you can put in your address (once you are registered) and they give you the down low on the coupons or sales in your area! SWEET!

Honestly, the site on the earlier post is a little more user friendly. I am trying hard to find sites that are not hard to figure out because I am SO techy and all! I get lost. Anyway... I hope we are all saving a little money these days with gas prices being what they are.... it helps to know that we at least have an option or two to help!


MiMi said…
Thanks for the help! I am definitely going to be checking these sites out before my next grocery trip!
Thanks again!

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