A Ballgame and An Anniversary!

Man! It has been busy at this house!! We have had school adjustments, running here and there trying to make sure we are prepared. We have had major projects at my husband's work where he has worked really late to meet deadlines. (Can I just say that I do not know how single moms do it? I honestly thought I was going to go CRAZY last week!) And we have had church responsibilities, responsibilities at home AND at our little store. WOW!

On top of all of that we left last week to go to my parent's house so that my husband could go to see his beloved Wolfpack get stomped by the Gamecocks.

I know. I don't sound very sympathetic.

I hate that they lost, and I am glad that he got to go, but when you put him at the game where his team loses... well, it's just not pretty.. nor is it fun for anyone involved. So when they get killed.. like lose with no points on the board at all... well, it's just.. loads of happy times.

So. On to more interesting an up lifting things.

Like yesterday we celebrated our 12 year anniversary!! God has been so good and has really carried us through these 12 years together. We got to celebrate while at mom and dad's by going to dinner at Bonefish (OH. MY. WORD. It's shut-up good!) and then shopping for a little while... just the two of us.

Then yesterday.. ON the actual day... we went to church and had lunch with friends. Two of our favorite things to do!! So.. we recovered well from the ballgame tribulations... I think!

It's funny... we were talking about our 12 years and how at the beginning of our marriage we HAD to go to a bed and breakfast or it just wasn't a real anniversary. We would drive to some new city or small town and stay at a quaint little place. It was always fun to explore and learn about a new area, go to dinner somewhere new and just be together.

Now, we can spend time with family and friends and still feel that we have had time to enjoy each other. We have been so busy that we didn't even get gifts for each other, and that didn't seem to bother either of us! It's strange how we change into people that we never really thought we would become. Maybe you get more mellow with age? Who knows!

Hope you had a good weekend! Happy Labor Day! I am just glad that we are all home for one day to recover from the weekend away! Laundry awaits!


MiMi said…
CONGRATULATIONS on your 12 year anniversary! That's wonderful! And yes, I would have to agree, we do tend to mellow out a bit with age.
So sorry about your beloved Wolfpack, Steve!
Heather said…
LOVE the new look! It's awesome! Happy anniversary! I totally feel your pain on the single mom thing- My hubby is a coach and ever since he went back to school and practice, I have been struggling! I am just so happy to hear him come in that door, even when it's midnight!!
Happy labor day, friend!
Faith said…
Happy Anniversary! Is it wrong that I am just a tad bit jealous that you had some Bang-Bang Shrimp without us? =)

Enjoyed lunch yesterday. It's always fun to get together with friends to eat and laugh (I'm still laughing about the blog thing! Ha!)

Love you both!
hey girl - Happy Anniversay!! Wish I were one of the ones you went to dinner with. Caroline is getting so big!! AND love the new look of the blog. Faith is such a great friend!!

Hope you all have a wonderful day!! and week!!

Love, Leigh

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