This weekend was my friend Faith's birthday! It was actually Friday, but last night our friends all got together to go to PF Chang's to celebrate! It was so much fun!!

Here we are all crammed into our car to head to dinner. At the last minute Brandon decided to show us his conservative side. It was a little cramped, and we were concerned about Faith getting car sick waaay back in the back (NOT a good birthday surprise for anyone!) but she didn't and we were glad that we all rode together. Chad even commented on the way back that we could ALL... ALWAYS ride that way! Uh. no. But it sure would save us all on gas!

Once we got there we all decided to get appetizers and we all shared. IT WAS DELISH! It just seems that you can't really go wrong with almost anything there! YUM!

Here are our sweet friends:
Chad and (the Birthday Girl) Faith

Jennifer and Daniel

Brandon and Emily

Me and my hubby, Steve

We had such a good time eating, talking and laughing!

And it was a great time to celebrate Faith! She is such a sweet friend to all of us. She's creative, funny, talented and she loves Jesus. We have been on beach trips, local mission trips, mountain trips and Atlanta Market trips together! I love that we share lots of common interests and that we share a common bond of sisterhood in Christ. She is one of my accountability partners and Bible study buddies! She's always praying for us as we face different challenges with our daughter and seeks to encourage us whenever she can!

Faith, I am so glad that the Lord brought you into my life! You and Chad are sweet friends and we always enjoy your company. It has been great to have someone to share our little business venture with, teach Sunday school with and just plain hang out with. You are in my prayers daily and you seek the Lord for your family. I love you very much and I hope you had a great birthday weekend!!


Faith said…
These are great pictures! I had a wonderful birthday weekend and I am so thankful for all of my besties celebrating with me! God has truly blessed me with wonderful friends and I am so glad that you are one of them. Our friendship has grown so much over the years, and I am so glad that God brought us together. I love that you will listen, laugh, and even cry with me and I know that you are praying for me. You are a blessing, Sissy!! Love you!
JenB said…
Amen and Amen! What fun! Love me some friends AND some PF Changs. Put them together and I'm in heaven!
MiMi said…
These pictures are great! Faith (and Chad) are soooo blessed to have such amazing friends. Thank all of you for sharing her birthday with her and for making her feel so special. You guys are the BEST!

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