The First Grade Project

YES y'all! A project! Due TODAY in first grade! It's a diorama project... you know.. where you use a shoe box and all. At first I kept telling her, "We have to start on your project. Let's go get the supplies and get busy!" to which she would say, "What project? What IS a project?" Oh. That would be a problem if you had no idea what a project was now wouldn't it?

I was very proud of my girl though. We went to the library to pick out an animal book (because that's what the project is about, y'all. Animals.) and she picked out a horse book. Then we headed to Michael's where she picked out paint, scrap booking stickers with cowboy hats, boots, saddles and the like. She was really into it. Which was nice because I was seriously afraid that I might have to drag her around to find the stuff, but she was excited and tried really hard. But she painted her shoebox and added a fence, and a horse and we put in a little blanket and all... we added straw and oats (because that's what horses eat) and we put in a water bucket... it really looked pretty good!

They had to present their little diorama to the class today complete with the title of the book, the author and at least 3 facts about their animal. PRESENT IT TO THE CLASS! In first grade people! I am sure that I did this for the first time in like 5th grade!

SO she wore a little dress today and we practiced, practiced, practiced. She sat her daddy down on the couch this morning at 7 am to present her project to him... and all of the sudden she did something that she has NEVER , in HER LIFE, done before... she acted SHY!! WHAT IN THE WORLD IS THAT ABOUT?? Her voice got all quiet and she was twisting around like some kind of shy kid... hello!!!!!!! WHO ARE YOU??

Who knows how this is going to go? When she brings it home I will take a picture of her with her little project and we will tell you the results! I promise... I am stressing more than she is over this. FAR more. What's that about??


amy b said…
OH yes, the, project. Anne told me and I called bright and early this morning to remind Grace to call me this afternoon. Mimi wants the details later today after she presents her "whale."

Tee hee... I think I'm as excited as you, Anne and every other mother of those stinkin' cute first graders. Now you tell me, what is up with that?!?!
MiMi said…
Can't wait to see her little project! She is really growing up!
I must say that I had never heard that word "diorama", though! We must not have had those in GA!! lol
Faith said…
So proud of the girly! I can't wait to see pictures!!
oh i actually remember that project... tucker was at a different school, but he had to do it too and he was the shy kid.......... at this point i don't even remember what it was on.... i think he survived...

can't wait to see pictures.. love, Leigh

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