So Am I Gonna Trust Him, Or NOT?

Do you ever have those times when it feels like EVERYTHING is going crazy or breaking at once?

Over the past month we have had our DVD player go out, our TV gets ONE channel now... and our vacuum cleaner had to go to the vacuum doctor this weekend!

Or how about those times when every where you turn there is something to do? Well, that seems like almost everyday lately, but seriously, we had ants in our pantry that we worked and worked to get rid of. I woke up the next morning and they were BACK! Except that time they were busy working from our trash can in the laundry room TO the pantry. And today... you guessed it! Back again! Except THIS time they were in my office after something in a bag that I left on the floor! They would NOT go away!!

Not to mention the mounds of laundry, NO GAS in my car and a super dirty house. (And here I am blogging. There's something wrong with this picture... where are my priorities??)

Sometimes just the everyday of life can get overwhelming. Then we throw in the bank buy outs, the gas crisis, hurricanes, the election, the war and all of those bigger than life issues and, man, how does one cope with it all?

In Luke 22 Jesus was with His disciples. He was getting ready to be sacrificed and was having His last supper with His friends. At one point He speaks to Peter and He says, "Simon, Simon, Satan has asked to sift you as wheat. But I have prayed for you, Simon, that your faith may not fail."

Now how awesome is it that the One who was getting ready to face an undeserved death was praying for those around Him to not lose faith?

God's word tells us that we have an Intercessor that lifts us to the Father in the midst of life's uncertainties. Satan has to ask permission to even come near God's children AND our Father has to grant him permission! He does not have free reign in our hearts or lives and we are hidden under the safety of our Father's wings when it comes to facing difficult times.

No, it's not a guarantee that we will never face difficulties. As Christians we are still in this world. Crazy things that drive us nuts for a day... like those ants... are minor, and yet they still.. drive us nuts!!

But things like an uncertain future with a job, financial crisis, illnesses, and longings that go unfulfilled seriously hurt us deeply. I believe that Jesus prays for us too. I know that when life is hard and uncertain that He is praying for us to have the faith that we need to face another day... just like He did for Peter.

So, I guess as I try to find gas... I just need to trust Him. Maybe He's telling me to stay home more! Perhaps there's a lesson I could learn here. Ya think? Or maybe as I am facing the one channel on my TV I can see it as a blessing that I am not able to see the junk that could harm my heart and mind?

I know.. those lessons are a little trivial compared to the lessons that some are facing. I just know that I need to trust Him, and His Word, more! How about you??


Jacquie said…
That verse in Luke 22 is one of my favorites! I like that Satan has to ask permission to mess with us. I also like that Jesus said, "And WHEN you have turned back...", knowing that Peter would fail and repent. He knows everything about us before it even happens.

I have to remind myself to trust every day... since I'm somewhat of a control freak. This post was a good reminder!
MiMi said…

Awhile back we had the invasion of the tiny black ants and those things will drive you CRAZY!!! They are relentless. You think you have gotten rid of them, only to wake the next morning and they are back with all of their aunts, uncles and cousins!

Seriously, though, life can be overwhelming. Thank you for reassuring me that I have an intercessor that lifts ME to the Father! We are definitely dealing with some uncertainties right now and I am thankful that Jesus is praying for me! Oh, that I would trust Him more!
Sitesx6 said…
Obviously you are my only blog reader! :)

Thank you for your comments, at least someone is reading. :)

Cute blog you have here, is this the one you use most often?

Kelly S. (your new friend) :)
Rebecca Jo said…
The little tests that try our Faith & trust is only preparing us for the BIG tests that REALLY try us!!!

None of it fun though - is it?
Faith said…
I am so thankful that "He ever lives to make intercession for us." If there is anyone I want praying for me, it's Him! He is in control and the only One worthy of our trust.

Praying for you!
Heather said…
How does the song go, "Oh, for grace, to trust Him more!" I want to! I need to!

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