Family Fun

I just got back from a short trip to see mom and dad. We had a really good time and I love going back to where I grew up!

Just being in those surroundings makes me have so many good memories. We drove past the place that we always went to for dinner when we had special occasions like prom, graduation and sometimes birthdays. It's called AJ's and man is that food delish! I was driving or I would have taken a picture! (It was pouring down rain in traffic too so I could not just pull over suddenly.)

My mom, brother and I went junkin'! The antique mall in downtown is not air conditioned so you have to REALLY want to do some junkin' to stay there for long! It was fun though! I have Americana stuff in our playroom and I found these that I think will be really cute on a bare wall...

A HILARIOUS thing happened while we were there... my mom is pretty outspoken and sometimes just cracks us up. Well, she THOUGHT we were the only ones in the sauna of a antique store so she just decided to crank out this really bad rendition of "This is the day, This is the day that the Lord has made..." VERY loudly as we are looking in one of the booths.

I was behind her and noticed this very serious, very southern, very prim and proper looking lady in the booth next door. My brother started chuckling because he saw her too, but did we say anything? Oh NO! That would spoil the fun!!

Sure enough there she goes again..." I will rejoice and be glad in it!" I mean, girls... off key and so loud!

And then she looks up. She sees the lady and in that same loud voice says, "Oh, No! Oh, no, no, no!" I am crying just retelling it! I can not tell you how hilarious it was. Girlfriend was just BELTING it with all she had and my brother and I almost wet our pants as we stood there and watched it all unfold. I cried laughing for a good 10 minutes!

So we made our purchases and went to several really neat places, met my dad and Caroline for dinner (she stayed home with Paw Paw! Impressive!! Usually she and my mom are inseparable!) then went home so Caroline could play in the sprinkler.

Here she is waiting for us to get the sprinkler set up. She was not real sure about how cold it would be and she had a fully belly from supper... can you tell?

Yea, it was pretty cold to start with, but she soon got over it and wanted us ALL to get in our bathing suits and "Do this as a family." My word...
Isn't that a cute little sprinkler from the dollar spot at Target?
It had been a little while since I had been home for any length of time so it was great to be with mom and dad. We had a good time just talking and spending time together.
So, I need to know... do you have a family member that cracks everyone up? What do they do to make you laugh!?


Faith said…
Oh my word...your mom cracks me up!!! I can totally see her doing this! That Brenda is something else!
And little Liney in her bathing suit! She does have a full belly!
My dad usually cracks us all up...but most of the time, he's not trying to, it's just him being himself! He's pretty funny!
See you tomorrow!! Love you and glad you're back!

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