It's a Meme!

Faith tagged me to do a meme and I have not done one in a while sooooo .....

1. What was I doing 10 years ago?

I was in my 6th year of teaching. I had been married almost 2 years and I was teaching 1st grade at our church's school. It was my second year there, and I loved teaching, but 1st grade was not my favorite age to teach! The next year I moved to Middle School and liked it much better! Weird, I know.

2. My favorite snacks?

Unfortunately I am a sweets girl! I do not snack a WHOLE lot, but I do like cookies, chocolate, and other sweet stuff. I like fruit a lot too. If it's something salty it has to be plain... none of this BBQ chip stuff!

3. 5 Things on my to-do list today

1. Make some phone calls

2. Unload the dishwasher

3. Take Caroline swimming

4. Do some laundry

5. Take clothes to the cleaners

"WHAT an exciting life!" you say?

Can you stand it?

4.Things I would do if I were a billionaire.

I would definitely tithe because that sort of blessing would NOT be of my own doing! Then I would pay off all of my parent's debt and get them settled in a home that they were happy with, and make sure that my in-laws were cared for. Then I would put some aside for Caroline and make sure that she was good to go with her future! I would give some away to those that I know (and some I don't know) that need it. THEN I would pay off our debts and purchase a beach house that all of our family could stay in at one time!! Then I would open a little store that had the cutest things ever in it!! Then I would build us another house that didn't have ISSUES! The biggest thing though would be to help others. I really would love to help those that are hungry and sick and who have no hope.

5. 5 jobs that I've had

My first job was working at a pizza place in our little town in Irmo, SC.

I was a receptionist at a hair salon FOREVER!

I worked at my dad's gas station

I worked for the S.C. Real Estate Commission

I was a special ed. teacher

6. 5 places that I have lived

Born in Raleigh, NC

Moved to Toccoa, GA

Moved to Irmo, SC

Moved to college in Columbia, SC

Moved to Charlotte, NC

7. 5 Random things that people don't know about me

I hate diet drinks

I took baton lessons for one year. Yes, they teach baton! We did a little recital and everything.

I was engaged once before I met my husband. It was NOT a good situation. I was young and stupid.

I like raw oysters... a lot!

I always wanted a sister. I love my brother, but I always thought it would be cool to have a sister.

8. 5 CD's that I would have to take on a desert island

Avalon- anything Avalon

Travis Cotrell

Michael Buble'

Chris Botti- trumpet

Brooklyn Tab. oh my word!

9. People I Tag are:

The Nester- You are welcome!



Amy E.



MiMi said…
I think I had forgotten that you also lived in Toccoa! I also took baton lessons. (That really helped us both alot, didn't it?) I wanted a sister, too, but have 2 brothers instead. We lived near the hospital and I used to beg my mom to go in and "buy me a baby sister"! Oh, and I LOVE Chris Botti! It's fun learning more about you.
Faith said…
I am so with you on the diet drinks...yuck!!! I can't believe I forgot to write Avalon on my cd list! You know I love them too!
We need a beach trip so you can get some oysters!
I'm glad you played along! Love you!
The Nester said…
I'm gonna have to hurt you when I see you!!!!

Maybe I can incorporate this into ask the Nester a question post!

Love you girl!
Heather said…
I love this! Mimi tagged me, too, so now it's posted!
I almost tagged you but then I saw you already had been tagged!
Hope you're having a good weekend!

OH- and I hate diet drinks and flavored chips, too!
And I LOVE Avalon!
JenB said…
Hey!!!!! I did not know you took baton lessons! I thought I knew pretty much everything by now. Or maybe I DID know but I forgot. Oh, I'm getting old.
AND, I have news about a beach trip. Yippee!
Melissa said…
Afer I wrote the 100 things about myself on my 100th post I realized that I had never written about that OR that I took dance lessons for a loong time! I now keep a mental note of things like that since we seem to have questions on meme's like that a lot. I have a few more, but you will have to wait! Hee hee! Thanks for the comments!!
Jessica H said…
Melissa! Wow! It's great to get to know you better! Thats awesome you took baton lessons! I had a great time Monday at "What Not To Wear". I am so glad I went! See you Sunday!

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