Ode To Spray Paint

I don't know if you remember the post that I wrote about the things that I found with my sister-in-law when we went "junkin'" (and I don't know how to link to my own blog so someone needs to teach me that!) but I bought a little beige table cloth and I am excited to show you what I did with it!

First, my bed side table had this terrible lamp sitting on it for, ah, almost 12 years....I was so over it! But I didn't really want to buy something else because it is a good height for reading. And
I wanted to spend money on other things... other than a lamp.

And it sported this terrible, dusty, old boring shade....

SOOOO I ran to Lowe's, got me a new, cutie little shade, and I got me a trusty can of black spray paint and went NUTS! :) My husband kept saying, "Are you SURE!?' Absolutely!

I wish I had done a before shot of my bedside table, but I didn't! SO here's the after!

I redid the lamp, added the beige table cloth (that I got for $12 from an antique place), rearranged the pictures and added the apothecary jar. I really like it a lot and it gave our bedroom a totally different feel. :)

Yeah! for a can of paint and a cheap table cloth! I am trying to add a cottage feel to my bedroom witout having to redo every thing. I think this helped. :)


JenB said…
It looks great! I'm looking at some boring old lamps right now. You might have inspired me!
Kim said…
Love what a can of spray paint can do. Hope you and Caroline are having fun this summer.
MiMi said…
WOW! What a major transformation! Amazing what some Rust-o-leum can do, huh? I love your bedside table, too.
Have a great week.
Faith said…
Love it!!! It is all coming together in there! Oh, we can do your pillows whenever you are ready!
Leigh Ann said…
Oh my word. That looks amazing! I'm so impressed!
Valarie said…
So cute! Love me some spray paint. Back in the 'day' I took one of those funky glass ginger jar lamps and painted it with that texturizing paint and it looked really cool. Being a painter's daughter I know what a coat of paint can do for anything so I love me some paint girl!

Good job!
Heather said…
Darling! I wish I was good at doing stuff like that!

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