I Got An Award!

My goodness! I am really blessed by so many bloggers and friends that blog!! I think it's a blessing to know other women who face daily struggles like me, and who want to walk with the Lord, like me! All of you make my day!
Thanks to Emilee and Heather, both, for nominiating me! They both really deserve the award far more than I!! It's really fun to read both of their blogs so check them out!! :)
I have not had a chance to blog much lately, but I have lots to share! I can't wait to tell all about Special Needs VBS, my new additions to my bedroom, and show pictures of our summer so far. I just gotta get some TIME to sit and write! I am also really thrilled at some of the things that the Lord is saying to me lately.
Well, I have to make dinner now so blogging isn't an option tonight, but tomorrow! Oh girls... wonder what I can share?
Ok, something just dumped on the floor in the kitchen. Wonder what my 7 year old is into now??
Happy Summer!


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