I Think I Didn't Pass

Yesterday I had to make a quick trip to Target to look for a white shirt to wear to VBS last night. I had been at the church ALL day working on my classroom and lessons and last night was Kidz Blitz.. a kid's version of that Nickelodeon show where people get slimed... and I was on stage as the "Score Keeper." Let me tell you friends, I am one MEAN score keeper! Ha!

So anyway, I was pretty tired after working all day and then knowing that I had to be back, fully charged with energy to keep score, and wearing a white shirt... that I didn't own. Hence the trip to Target'.

Let me give you a little background before I move on. This past Sunday Chad taught a great lesson on Jonah and before we left the class (for him to head out to eat ribs at the in-laws.. he cracks me up) he challenged us to really think about sharing Jesus with those that we might not feel so comfortable with. Instead of running from God, like Jonah, we need to pray for those that are lost and be willing to share with them even though we might not always WANT to... like Jonah.

Ok, so back to the Target story. Caroline and I walked into Target. I was a little grumpy because I was SO tired and my day was not nearly over! Caroline was wearing a t-shirt, shorts and a Wal-Mart version of Crocs. (Very cute, I might add.. had rhinestones and all.. and were pink... very cute.) Caroline was pretty tired too, so she asked if she could ride in the basket of the buggy.

As I was lifting her up to put her in, this RANDOM, total stranger, woman that I have never seen in my entire life, came up and said, "Um, are those Crocs?"

I am thinking that she thinks that they are waaaay cute because of the rhinestones, ya know?

"Well," I said, "they aren't actually real Crocs. We got 'em at Wal-mart."

"Oh, well, you know she really shouldn't wear those. Especially if you have her around an escalator or something."

Y'ALL! It flew all over me!! I am just being honest here! I was so aggravated at the woman! YES! I know about the escalator incidents and all, but she didn't know me from Adam and she walked up and told me what my kid didn't need to wear!!

"Yes. I know." That's all I said! I didn't smile. I didn't show her Jesus in the least! I just walked away, pushing my Croc clad kid in the buggy to where the white shirts were as quickly as possible so that I could get out of there.

So, I didn't pass.

I think it was a test for me to see if I could love others in the middle of the everyday, even if I am tired and not exactly happy with the person that God placed there for me to encourage.

It's so ironic to me when those things happen. Just after we hear a lesson we do not always get tested right away, but when we do how do we respond? Do we remember the lesson that we JUST heard past the doors of the church? Sometimes I do. This time, not so much.

Lord, help me to be a good student of Your Word! Help me to learn the things that You are trying to teach me and help me to apply them in the everyday. Sometimes I am so hard headed and I need to know that You will not give up on me! Thank you for the lady that was trying to show concern for my child and help me to respond to others with love. Lord, please forgive me for being so easily frustrated. My heart was not in tune with You and I pray that you will help me to be so in tune that I am a light where ever I go! I love you Jesus! Help me to love You more!! Amen.


Heather said…
Oh, girl! I can SO relate! Why does God have to give us the test right after the lesson, and always when we are the weakest in our flesh?!?! I do think, though, that your realizing it and now praying it through is a passing grade, so to speak. God is so good to constantly teach us- He will be faithful to give you more chances!
(Praise Him for his second chances!)He is just happy that we are trying to learn to be more like Him.
You cracked me up with the writing of this...."your croc-clad kid!!"
I'm saying a prayer for you and your busy week!
Faith said…
Oh boy, have I been there and failed miserably! Thank the Lord for His grace and mercy and that He still is willing to use us, despite ourselves!
Love you, and your croc-clad kid!!!
Faith said…
Hey....I tagged you!

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