School's Out


Did I mention that school is out?

"Mom? Where are you?"

"I'm here honey. What do you need?"

"I'm hungryyyyyyyy."

"Again? You just ate!"

"But, I'm hungry!!" again, a whinier tone this time.

"Well, lunch will be in a little while so just hang on."

"Nooooooo... I am hungry, mom."

Did I mention that she would not get off of the computer when we asked (that's against the house rules) and so we had to put her on restriction from the computer for a week? That removes one activity that she COULD be doing during the day for, at least, a little while!

"Mom!! I'm thirsty!"

"Ok, honey. I poured you some milk. It's in the fridge."

"But, I wanted apple juice."

"Of course you do. Because I poured milk."

"What did you say mom?"

"Nothing honey, nothing."

Did I mention that I have had strep throat and have had NO energy for myself, much less a 7 year old?


"Yes, honey."

"Can you play with me?"

"Well, sweetie, I don't feel very good today. Remember I had to go to the doctor to get medicine?'

"Well, who can I play with?"

"I don't know honey. Why don't you get some crayons and we will color."

"No, I really want to play with moon sand on the table."

"Well, that makes a big mess and mom doesn't feel much like cleaning it all up when you are done."

Crying begins..."So what can I doooooooo??"

Oh my word.

"Mom, what's that man doing? The one outside. Who IS that? Does he have kids? Do you think they would play with me? Is he a stranger?"

"Mama, I am coloring on my plate. Is that ok?"

"Mama, when will daddy be home?"

"Mama, can I get the play dough out? I promise I won't get it on the carpet."

"Mom, let's put up my new tent in the den!"

"Mom, I know we just had breakfast, but let's pop popcorn and watch a movie!"

"Mom, can I have another piece of bubble gum?"

"Mom, can I ask if the 7 kids across the street can come play in the playroom? It's too hot outside, and I know you don't feel good. We will clean up!"

"Mom, why are you locked in the bathroom?"

While cooking supper one night I stop to run to the restroom. I am fixing tacos. When I return to check on things there she is holding the broom and grated cheese is EVERYWHERE.

"Honey. What happened?"

"I'm HUNGRY! I told you I am!"

"Yes, you have not stopped eating since school got out!"

One night I hear her letting her bath water out. She is standing in the hallway.
"MOOOOMMMM! I am done! Here's the wash cloth I was using, but I forgot to get a towel. Can you get one?"
I go up... she and the wash cloth are dripping on the carpet.
School's out. Did I mention?


Faith said…
Oh my gracious! I am worn out from reading all of that...I'm sure you are from hearing it all day! Gotta love her though! She's an amazing blessing =)
Hope you are feeling better!!! Miss you and love you!
Heather said…
Oh, girl....It's funny, but I know it's not. We are having some "terrible three's" over here, but it's somehow comforting to know that everyone has those days, too. (No matter what age!)
Hang in there!
Kelly said…
Oh, I feel your pain!!!! School has been out for mine since 5/23 and already I'm exhausted from having to tend to my son's every need, on every hour, upon every minute. When does school start back?????? No wonder all of the teachers were walking through the halls of school the last week with smiles on their faces. Ha! Hope you feel better soon. I know it's miserable to have to take care of a "needy" child while you don't feel well. Maybe you can let her watch a movie while you lay on the sofa and catch some ZZZ's. A peaceful quiet home is just what you need.

Stephanie D. said…
Look, I'm glad I am not the only one. Thank goodness that Jonathan does most of his stuff his self. So I just have 2 doing the mommy, mommy, MOMMY,mommeeeeeeeeee! Girl I feel ya.
Nicki said…
Oh girl, I feel ya x3!! =) I don't know why these girls are SOOO hungry too!! Must be those teachers starving them all year long. =)
oh girl - makes me miss you all the more. long letter coming to you soon. if i can get it all together... just love you so!! love, Leigh
Kim said…
SCHOOL'S OUT FOR THE SUMMER! Love my job but love the rejuvination too! Press on.....August will be here before we blink.


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