Yay For My Dad!

This weekend is Father's Day weekend and I just wanted to say that I am really proud of my dad! While he is not perfect and has many faults like everyone else, he has always been supportive and an important part of my life.

Through out my life he has been the one that has been consistently involved in ministries at our church, recreation and the bread winner for our home. He has always been a very hard worker...sometimes to the point of his own demise when he suffered 2 heart attacks due to stress that he was putting on himself. He has always set the example of making good choices and putting others before himself.

I have lots of memories of dad growing up.
When I was young we lived in a very small town. He was a volunteer fireman. I remember the time that he drove the firetruck, by himself, to a man's farm and put out a fire that was in the top of a tree from a lightening strike.
I remember riding in the back of his old, restored pick up truck to the little store down the road to buy candy.
I remember him taking me squirrel hunting with him. I rode on his shoulders so that I would not get in the way of the gun.
I remember him taking me fishing in his little fishing boat.
He always wanted to include me in what he did so that I could learn how to do more than just read, write and play. He wanted me to be smart about the things that mattered and how to treat others was always at the top of his list.
One HUGE memory that I have (it still brings tears to my eyes) was the time that my mom bought tickets to take me to the ballet at the liberal arts school that I wanted to attend. I was so excited because I was getting ready to graduate from High School and this college had accepted me. It was going to be a girl's night with mom celebrating my acceptance. The day that we were to go my mom got sick and felt just terrible. My dad volunteered to go to this ballet with me. Let me tell you... it was WAY outside of his element!! But he did it so that I could experience the things that I was interested in. I will never forget sitting in that dance performance holding his hand. He was so willing to lay aside himself for me and my interests and it meant the world!! It still does.
He never missed a ballet recital, and there were many! From the time that I was five until middle school age I danced. He was always there.
He came to Charlotte one weekend after I moved in and took me to Target to help me get the things that I needed. We bought a vacuum, cleaning supplies, kitchen items and just a few things for my apartment. I will never forget that time with just my dad.
He coached my softball teams, chaperoned my youth trips, supported my adventures in dating and embraced my husband when we got married. From the minor details to the major my dad has tried to be all that I have needed in a daddy.
Now, as you can see in the photos, he is really such an awesome PawPaw to my Caroline. These photos are from a farm field trip that we took this past November and he was right there holding her hand just like he always did with me.
Because of dad's commitment and faithfulness it is not hard for me to see the love of my Heavenly Father. It's easy for me to understand God's Word when it describes God as a loving Father who cares for His own. I understand what a tremendous blessing God's sacrifice for my life is because my own Father has shown what it means to sacrifice. My dad's commitment to share Jesus with me, my family, and others has shown me the importance of a walk with Jesus.
Lord, thank you for my daddy. I will never have to know a childhood of abandonment because You blessed me with his commitment. I will always have the earthly example of a Father's love and I am so thankful! Please continue to bless his life Lord. Help him to seek You daily and be his soft place to fall as he deals with the pressures of this life. Lord, be his Rock. He has always walked with You and he has always been the rock of our family. Lord, be please be that support for him.
I love you daddy!


MiMi said…
What a loving tribute to your father. Those memories are priceless and I pray that God never lets you forget any of them! You are so blessed to have a father that spent time with you and helped you to become such an exceptional young woman. I know he must be very proud of you and your family as well! Yay for Dad!
Heather said…
Awesome post! It made me teary...Praising God for your Dad and your sweet family today!
Faith said…
Your dad is such a sweetie! I know he is so proud of you too!

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