REALLY? Are You Sure?

This post is not intended to hurt anyone. It's just that I have a question or two....

1) I was just wondering if ANYONE has ever gotten the phone number off of a sign on the side of the road that advertises childcare? You know those signs that say, "Inexpensive child care- In my home- Qualified caregiver- just call... " ??? Seriously, has anyone EVER done that???

Like they are sitting in their car and they see the sign and they say, "OH! I HAVE been looking for inexpensive childcare and in someone's home would be perfect! AND they say they are qualified!! Even better!! Let me get my pen before the light changes!"

This happens?

2) I was wondering if anyone REALLY believes that they can actually make a million dollars, if they just follow the advice of the guy on the real estate infomercial, in just one day? A million dollars?? In a day. Really?? People really do this? They call in, get the info. and make a million dollars? How come the rest of us haven't done this?

I just didn't know.

3) I was also wondering if anyone has ever gotten a reward of any type just because they took the time to call in and do the survey thingy that many stores have at the end of their receipts now? You know... you are suppose to call and do their little survey thingy and you can win something.... does that REALLY happen?? I've never HEARD of it happening to anyone. I just didn't know if it really does happen. Does it?

I don't know the answers. I was just thinking and thought I would blawg about it. Maybe you know. I just don't.


Nicki said…
and No

=) Never done or heard anyone do any of those!!!
Faith said…
I saw that same sign and wondered the same thing! So funny!
Had fun today! Love ya!
Leigh Ann said…
While at a restaurant one time, the waitress told us she was a nanny and would like to babysit for us. She gave us her name and number. We thought she was really sweet, but we never called her to babysit!

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