25 Random Things That Make Me Happy

Boomama inspired me to write this. I loved her #11, 20 and 24 and it got me a thinkin'. So... here's mine(s).

1.taking a hot bath
2. reading
3. a clean house
4. clean sheets
5. the beach
6. the mountains
7. hearing a new word from God
8. time with my hubby
9. my funny little girl
10. friends who stick around even though I'm weird
11. a clean car
12. talking to my mom
13. worship
14. seeing a student catch on for the first time
15. eating out
16. warm desserts
17. comfy jeans
18. cool shoes!
19. road trips
20. laughing
21. shopping
22. fall
23. spring
24. taking a nap
25. singing

What about you?


Rebecca Jo said…
I'll agree with all of your list!!! Great things!
MiMi said…
We have a lot in common! I agree with most all of your list --especially # 18! You remember I tried to talk you out of a pair one Sunday morning! lol

Love me some hot baths and clean sheets, too!
Faith said…
Fun list! I like them all!
Mandy said…
a clean house... hmm... those were the days! haha!
your daughter is beautiful, and so are you! God bless you, sister =)
Leigh Ann said…
Love your list. I need to do this myself.
Heather said…
I like them all, too! You and I have lots in common! Hope you had a blessed Sunday!

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