Croakin' Frog?

Oh ya'll. I think one of the frogs is seriously croaking!

Like kicking the little froggy bucket. Like he's going to meet his little froggy maker... seriously.

He's floating near the top and then he gets a little kick in his step and sort of swims... sort of. And then he sort of floats again. Like near the top... with his little froggy feet hanging behind him.

I fed them (there's two... I would link you back to my post about us getting the little guys, but I don't know how!! Sorry!) and he tried to get some food, but he missed... and missed... and missed again.

He would be no good at catching flies. He would starve to death he's such a bad aim!

Then once I saw the other little froggy (they don't have names either. Bless their hearts. That's why he's dying! He's having an identity crisis. I keep calling them "Him"s but they might be hers! SEE? poor guys... or girls) tried to get under the floaty one and nudge him. Bless it!! I feel sorry for the little guys.

Are frogs social creatures? Like if this one dies will the other one die too of a broken heart or something?

NOT to mention that Caroline doesn't know yet. I am going to give it a little while before I mention it. Don't you think?

Maybe he's just tired today and wants to float. I would like to float sometimes. Especially when I am tired.


Faith said…
Oh no. Poor froggy. I think it's time for a dog ;-)
Amy E. said…
Hope little froggy's still alive. Keep us up-to-date on his(her) progress. :)
Rebecca Jo said…
I've never had dealings with doesnt sound good though. Poor little frog. I guess it gives a whole new meaning to the word "Croak"....
Valarie said…
Kayley's Kindergarten class had frogs and I saw them do that a lot. They'd kinda puff up and float to the top. Who knows, it might be weird frog behavior?! Call the vet! hahahahahaha
MiMi said…
Uh Oh! I don't think I would mention it yet! I'm with Faith --maybe it's time for one of Hailey's siblings!

BTW..I love the picture of your sweet family that you used for your profile. Great picture!

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