When The Toothfairy Forgets!

Just before we left for Disney on Ice... let's see... that was... OH! Thursday night... Caroline lost a tooth!

Now, let me just clarify here. We have not just had a normal tooth growing and losing history.

When she was three months old... yes, I said THREE months... girlfriend got her first TWO teeth! From that point on she has had teeth galore! She started losing teeth at FOUR! She has swallowed teeth. She has gotten quarters for teeth and then swallowed one of those!! She has thrown teeth in the big trash can at church and we had to dig through old lunches to try to find it!! OH! The tooth drama at this house!

I am kind of over it.

SO... we lost another tooth. Well, of course she was so excited that the toothfairy would come, and she had the tooth on the counter in the kitchen in a paper towel so we would not forget! We got home late that night so naturally? We forgot.

The next day she put it under her pillow early so that we would be ALL ready for the MONEY! I mean, toothfairy. She took a nap that day and was up looking under her pillow to see if the fairy functions during the day. No such luck.

That night we went to bed... talking about the toothfairy... ready to get up the next day (this is Saturday by now) but apparently the toothfairy went to sleep earlier than she usually does and again, she forgot!

Last night, we were all safely tucked in our beds when it hit me!

"Honey, did the toothfairy come?"
"Uh, I don't know! Did SHE?"
"Oh, PLEASE go downstairs and get a dollar out of your wallet! YOU do it this time!"
Tip toeing down stairs, then back up, then a little creeeek of her door. Then VOICES! YIKES! She woke up!
He comes in... "She was staring me in the face! I asked if she was ok and she just turned over and went back to sleep!"
"Do you think she knew??"
"No! But what if we've forgotten all of these nights only to RUIN it for her tonight!"

Well, toothfairy! I guess that's what we get!


Faith said…
Oh dear, how could I have forgotten about the swallowing of the quarter??? Yes, there has been some tooth drama in your household!

I wish I could have been a fly on the wall when Steve walked in and she was staring straight at him. Ha!!
Rebecca Jo said…
That's a cute story! You could easily say, you heard the tooth fairy & you came to catch her so your daughter could met her - but she got away. Would she buy that? Sounds like you are off the hook though anyways! :-)
Tisha said…
Oh, I hate the toothfairy! She is very irresponsible at our house!! haha We have forgotten many times. I hate when you wake up in the morning to the sounds of, "hey, the toothfairy didn't come!" coming from your child's room!! UGGHH!! We have actually made up "stories" of maybe the toothfairy left the money somewhere else and we Kent or I have run downstairs to all of a sudden find the money, or we tell them to check all around their bed because maybe it fell off and then we run for the cash and come back to help find it and all of a sudden find it lying in the floor under their bed!! haha Oh that silly toothfairy!! The things we do!!

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