Pop Panic!

See that? THAT my friends is a Pucker Pop. Personally I don't think that version of the Pucker Pop is so cute, HOWEVER when they put a monogram or personalize it for you with something super cute... well, NOW we are talkin'! They are super fun and if you are interested in personalizing some for yourself or your business I would love to hear from you! They would make SUPER Christmas gifts from a company or for a school!!

Well, my daughter's school is a k-12 school which means that when the high school kids have a ball game, pep rally or special event, even the kindergartners get in on the act. It's pretty fun!

So some of the football moms found out that I sell these Pucker Pops and that they could get our school logo printed on them. They were so excited and so was I!! They decided that they wanted some to sell at Homecoming as a neat concession momento, and I decided THAT was a grand idea!

We placed the order in plenty of time. The company called and sent me the image that looked something like this....
That's the logo printed directly on the candy! It is really cool and they taste great!
So... I approved it and we waited and waited. This company is usually great about shipping in a timely manner so I didn't worry. UNTIL... the week of Homecoming they had still not arrived on my doorstep via my friendly little UPS man.
I e-mailed. They responded with "we will let you know tomorrow about the status of your shipment." Ok, I had e-mailed towards the end of the day. That's fair.
Soo.. we waited... I e-mailed again and I got a message back from the owner's Blackberry. Bless their hearts... their company had lost power and were unable to get the order shipped until 2 days before Homecoming!!
WHAT WAS I TO DO?? Oh, I just prayed that it would be an exceptionally good UPS day and that they would drive those little brown trucks quickly to my door!
The next day the weather man was calling for a cold Friday with a fair amount of rain. I really didn't think much about it since I was so worried about the suckers. My phone rang that Thursday and it was my friend Susan. "GIRRRL. You are gonna die! They have postponed the Homecoming game until next week due to the RAIN!"
SERIOUSLY?? Who cancels Homecoming?? Due to all that they had planned the school decided that Homecoming court would have pneumonia and that the parents would not want to sit in the freezing rain so there would be no fans. So they seriously cancelled Homecoming!
The suckers arrived the NIGHT of the original Homecoming date and we lived happily ever after.
The end.


Faith said…
THAT was a huge God thing! I'm so glad that He worked it all out and now there will be some cute Lion's pucker pops to sell next week. Wooo-hooo!
MiMi said…
Those are very cute and I'm glad that God worked it all out! What a great idea!
Rebecca Jo said…
Your right - who moves a Homecoming? Isn't football played in the rain?????? God is so cool!!!

Love the pucker pops!
Tisha said…
Hey - I need to get with you about these. I might be interested in ordering some for the Father/Daughter Event I am co-chairing for the school. Its not till February IF we can ever get it on the calendar. Apparently it takes an act of congress to get something on the calendar!!!

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