Uneventful Eventful Week

I have been reading about everyone else's life today because, frankly, my life has consisted of the "cough, cough, sneeze, cough again monster" for going on two weeks now. Yes, it's a great thrill when you have bronchitis. The blessing in it all has been that my sweet husband has stayed at home with me and helped me with our daughter every single night. He cancelled two different sets of plans to come home to help me. I just love him!! God has really blessed me with a super husband and I am so grateful!
Then our friend Jennifer had her car broken into this week. Someone broke her window (in our church parking lot, no less!) and took her purse!! It shook her up SO bad (as it would anyone!) and it just made us SO mad that someone would do that to another person!! I know that crime goes on all the time and that I would probably be disgusted if I really knew all that went on, but when it hits close to home like that it just makes ME MAD! Praise the Lord, she's ok and she was able to get things cancelled in time. God protected her and He will continue to do so.
So... it has been a little uneventful for me... and yet eventful for those that I love... so that makes it an uneventful eventful week... wouldn't you say?
Have I mentioned before that we don't have cable? Have you ever been sick and had to stay home for days on end with nothing but Divorce Court, the news, PBS cartoons, soap operas and Reading Rainbow to entertain you? Pure bliss, I tell ya! Wow!
Have a good day! Stay away from the germs!! They are terrible!!


Rebecca Jo said…
What an awesome husband to help you out! Hope you are feeling much better! And with no cable - I'd have to say, the movie rental place would have been my best friend for the DVD player!!!
Belle-ah said…
Oh dear...I hope you are feeling better soon!
MiMi said…
We've had the same coughing, sneezing monster in our house. Emma stayed home with Poppa & me yesterday and her and Poppa stayed home sick today. Not a lot of fun, but at least we have cable! LOL!

I hope you are soon feeling much better, but in the meantime, thank the Lord for a great husband!

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