A Disney Surprise

This week Disney on Ice is here in Charlotte. My husband and I had talked about taking Caroline, but I have been sick. Yesterday we just decided to do it! She didn't have school today so she (and I!) could sleep in some soooo... why not!?

We did not tell her what we were doing so when my husband got home from work we told her to get a jacket. "Why do I need a jacket?" She kept asking over and over again! She kept asking where we were going and we said, "Somewhere fun! Just trust us!" So then she wanted "secrets" about where we were going. "You mean CLUES?" we asked!

We told her we were going somewhere fun, cold and it started with a "D".

Her guess... "We are going to the doctor?" HA!
When we arrived the scene with Ariel from The Little Mermaid was on the ice.

Under Da Sea

Ursala and Ariel

The Prince!

Next the ice and scenes changed to the safari and out came The Lion King!

Acuna Matada

If you look at the bottom of the picture you can see Simba lying on a leaf.

At times the set was quite elaborate! I thought they did a really great job!

After The Lion King they had intermission and we were off to the potty! Well, you know that means SUPER expensive souvenirs that light up and just call out "BUY ME!" to the little kids!

A snowcone was $11!! OH MY WORD! We settled for some cotton candy that had a fairy hat attached. It was the most reasonable and we could all share the candy! Here she is with her new fairy hat!

After intermission the entire last scene was about Tinker Bell. It was a little long because we weren't familiar with how Tink got her wings. It was really cute though...

Here's the queen of the fairies talking to Tink about her gifts.

(Check out that dress!)

Here's Tink after she's sprinkled with pixie dust and gets her wings.

And a snazzy new outfit!

Here's Donald Duck and Goofy celebrating spring after all of the fairies bring it to earth.

(Not exactly Biblically based, ya think!?)

On the way home she talked and talked about all of the things she saw. It was a fun night! Here she is with her new Cinderella doll that she begged for as a keepsake from her night at Disney!


Jacquie said…
What fun! I grew up very near to Disneyland, so I know the "magic" that it can bring a child. They do everything 110%.
Faith said…
Oh, how fun! I know that little princess had such a good time! Are you feeling better?
Rebecca Jo said…
What a fun surprise!!! I'm jealous - I would have loved to have gone to something like that myself! Didn't know Tinkerbell had a story!!! Your baby looks so happy too!!!
MiMi said…
That looks like SO much fun! I know Caroline must have loved it. I cannot believe that a snowcone was $11.00, though!! And we thought gas prices were bad! LOL

So glad that you were feeling well enough to go. Hope to see you tomorrow.
Heather said…
This looks SO FUN! So glad you got to take her. Hope you are feeling better, sweet friend! It is NO FUN to be sick!!!

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