Sniff, Sniff... Cough... Those Kids!

So... has it hit you yet? I keep hearing sniff... sniff... sniffs all around me lately! Somethings going on and it ain't even cold outside yet.

All of those school kids get together and share their germs and then they bring them home!! That's it! Blame it on the kids!

Oh well. This too shall pass. Just rest and drink lots of fluids.

On a lighter note... and kind of sweet one too... last week at Occupational Therapy the events unfolded like this.

Therapist- "Hey (insert little girl's name), what's your school teacher's name?"

Little girl with some serious medical conditions was silent. They have been working on getting her to respond because she suffers from some communication difficulties.

Therapist to my daughter- "Hey, Caroline, that little girl can't always talk. Do you think you could ask her what her teacher's name is for me? She likes you."

Caroline- "Sure!" Walks over to the girl... "Hey, I'm Caroline! What's your teacher's name?"

Little girl- smiles and whispers, "Mrs. Nicole."

I know that Caroline can't always process information and that she is a confusing kid to those around her sometimes.

I also think that she does not process that other kids might have disabilities so she treats them like NORMAL kids and they respond to her.

Somehow... in this difficult time that we experience with her... school work is hard, she's hard to get focused, she's not always appropriate, etc... there's a blessing in it too. I wonder if she will grow up to be an OT who helps kids get through their struggles?


amy b said…
Oh. No words. That is so sweet, sweet is an understatement. I have tears in my eyes.

Sweet Caroline.
Faith said…
She is a sweet, sweet friend! I hope you are back to 100% soon.
Love you!
MiMi said…
What a sweet girl! God has great things in store for Caroline!

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