Hippity Hop

It's official! We have our first pets. Well, Caroline has HER first pets.

Yes, p-e-t-s...insinuates plural which means that we have TWO!
My dad works at a pet store and they were here visiting this weekend. Dad has been dying to bring a dog or something, but we have no fence and have balked at the idea for a while now.

So today he brought her a little aquarium type thingy with two little frogs in it. They are really little and they just swim around in this little aquarium thingy... with a bamboo branch and a snail that keeps things clean (so they say). I guess we shall see.

They also came with a pack of food that you feed them twice a week and it is suppose to sustain these little webbed feet creatures for a solid year!

I wish I could survive on a little pellet of food twice a week for a year. Imagine how skinny I would be! I mean they are so skinny you can't even see them in this picture... and when I tried to take a picture of them it was just a blurry water shot.

We haven't named them yet, but Caroline seems quite excited about her new little aquatic friends.

Wonder what she could name 'em? Any ideas??


Rebecca Jo said…
I think your title of the post is a great name for the two of them - Hippity & Hoppity!!! Ideal for frogs!
Amy E. said…
Hmmm...I don't know about names, but I'm with you on the "pellet diet" thing. I think I'll give it a try! :)
Love you...have a good week!

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