Love Came Gently

Today we are in the middle of recording a CD at our church for our upcoming Christmas musical. It's really pretty exciting and I love to sing so it's a lot of fun too! We had to be there last night for our first night of recording and everyone seemed to be pretty pumped to do this. The Praise Teams were there first so we had to wait for a little while 'til they wrapped things up. Then we headed into the choir suite and sang our little hearts out for about three hours!

Today, for some reason there is this one line from one of the songs that I just keep singing in my head over and over again. The song is called "Love Came Gently" and the lyrics explain how Jesus was born in a lowly manger... and how "only the shepherds and the 'wisest' found Him beneath the star so bright.."

But at the end of the song this statement is the one that gets me every time....

"And for those who trust in the Savior
Love comes gently still today."

It makes me tear up just typing it! And if you could hear the music and how beautifully this line is sung... well, it would bring tears to your eyes too!

There are many things that my family, friends and I are facing right now. So many around us are dealing with uncertain futures and how we will cope with the economy. Uncertainties about finances and jobs.

And yet, this past Sunday night our pastor preached about "those who trust in the Savior." He reminded us that the Bible predicts (in Revelation) that these types of hardships will come, and yet those who trust in the Savior can find peace because He's still in control.

It is not by running a big presidential campaign claiming all that he might do when He becomes president.

It's not by standing in the middle of Wall Street and proclaiming His power.

It's not by any trickery or claim that if you invest in this area or take that job that your security will be guaranteed.

No. The song also says "choosing instead a humble birth." Jesus didn't come in fanfare then and He doesn't come in fanfare now!

What it IS is a gentle reminder that His love and His sustaining grace holds us through it all.

My heart breaks for those who don't know our Savior. I just wonder how they make it through the day without the assurance that everything holds together in Him!? (Colossians 1:17) I know that those of us who DO know Him still feel that sense of panic at times. We are human and we do know worry and concern and a real longing for direction, but we also know that we can call on the Name of Jesus and He can comfort us beyond those fears.

I just pray that we are sharing Him with others. I pray that we are trusting Him with our own lives and that we are realizing His gentle love as we walk through these days. He's still here. He's still in control, and He's still on His throne.

"And for all who TRUST in the Savior... Love comes gently... STILL today."


Faith said…
NO LIE, when I clicked on google reader just now and saw this post, I was listening to "Love Came Gently" on my mp3 player and singing "only shepherds and the wisest". How wild is that?? I got chills when I was reading this and reflecting on the words of that song.

We praise You Jesus, our Savior!!
Valarie said…
GIRL! Great post today and now I won't be able to sing that song without crying! ;-) I just pray that as we sing it, as people listen to the CD, as they read this blog, they'll be able to feel His love and accept the lengths He went to for us.

AMEN! Thank you Jesus for coming, thank you Father for making a way and thank you Melissa for reminding me how gentle the Lord is!
I love ya girl!
JenB said…
Love that song! Now I'll be singing it all day! Thanks for the reminder of the meaning of the song.
MiMi said…
Sounds like a beautiful song. Can't wait to hear it.

Thank you for the reminder that His love and His sustaining grace carries us through whatever we are going through!

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