Lots to Tell You!

But not a lot of time because I am so dang tired! (say that last word as suthern as you can... Tiiired... yea, that's it. THAT's how I feel. Not tired. TIIIRED.)

There was the luncheon that I was gonna have that I didn't have because my kid got sick.

Then there was the hayride that was fun and full of friends that we haven't hung out with in a while. It included a corn maze and everything! And Smores! YUM!

AND there's the story of the suckers that I ordered for our school that didn't come on time for Homecoming, but who cares now because they postponed it! The homecoming that is... so yay God! He is amazing!

So I have pictures and funny things to say to all 5 of you so when I rest and can put a thought together I will have things to share! I know you are on the edge of your seat. Yes, you are!

Night night! Can't wait to read about YOUR adventures too! :)
Happy Fall ya'll!


MiMi said…
OK...what a cliffhanger! Can't wait to hear all the details!

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