Lovin' Fall and Some Randomness!

Hey Blogland! Have you guys registered for that AWESOME tote on Faith's blog yet? You seriously need to! It's an awesome thing!! About 5 people read this blog so I don't know if I am helping her effort, but if you have not registered head on over! She'd love to have ya!

And are you lovin' fall? It's so fun when the weather changes and the leaves are just beautiful! Oh, I love it! AND last night we all ran upstairs to get our SOCKS on! We love to get into our cozy PJ's and get our socks when it's cold outside. Caroline was a little sad because she couldn't reach her sock drawer!

Pumpkins and leaves and colors galore! It's really amazing that the Lord can do all that He does simply in nature! Not to mention in our hearts!! What a mighty God we serve!

Today is SUPER HERO CARTOON CHARACTER day at school.

What. in. the. world??

Has anyone ever heard of such randomness? It's really spirit week and yesterday was tacky day so I guess we can wear capes to school today, huh? I just imagine ninja children terrorizing one another! AND today's chapel! Maybe the ninjas with give their hearts to Jesus. It's possible!

Our first grader is not into the super hero scene, but she likes the Disney princess stuff so she wore her Tinkerbell shirt and a tutu ...with a matching hair bow, I might add! At least we are trying to participate! I can hear the boys now, "THAT'S NOT A SUPER HERO!"

I told her to ignore the boys.

AND tonight is a big BBQ in our neck of the woods! Every year this church puts on a HUGE BBQ and they rope off the street and have police directing traffic and all of the local politicians are there with their signs and the food is DELISH! We always argue about who's going to sit in line to get our share.

Him- "You know! It's the big BBQ! 4th Thursday of every October!"
Me- "Yea! Now you can not leave at 6:30, get in line and be home for us to eat so I can leave and go to accountability by 7."
Him- "Oh, I can't? Well, I was hoping YOU would go get it after school."
Me- "Oh! Well, it's on YOUR way home from work!"
Him- "I guess we will just talk this afternoon and decide!"
Me- "I guess we will!"

Sad, people. We are sad!

Well, I hope you have a nice fall day! Enjoy the views and eat a little BBQ! Would love to hear how you celebrate fall! All 5 of you! :)


Faith said…
You are so sweet! I am lovin me some fall! I would also love me some bbq... ;-) See you tonight!
MiMi said…
I love Fall, too, and am really enjoying snuggling up under the covers with the windows open. Of course, I have my socks on, too!

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