Hey! Here's Some Randomness for YA!

How are all 5 of you? I am good today thanks! I just came from Wal-Mart(s), and the bargains? Well, they are just amazing at the Wal-Mart(s), ya know? I got some cute closed-toed brown shoes for $13. I think that's pretty good. (Is it closed toe? closed toed? oh, who cares!)

I also got some fabric so that Caroline can be a Bible character for school on Friday. I REALLY hope this works out. She has been hilarious about who she wants to be and all.

"Why can't I just be a butterfly?" she asked.
"Uh, well. That's not a Bible character!?"
"Well, I know about Adam and Eve. You know, they ate the apple, they lied to God and they listened to the serpent." (yes, she said serpent!)
"Yes, you could do that!"
"Well, I don't have a boy."
"Huh? You don't have a boy?"
"NOOO! Mom! It's ADAM AND EVE! You have to have a boy."
"Oh, that's a problem then, huh?"
"Yea. I will just be Noah."
"But HE'S a boy."
"Oh. Yea."

Oh goodness.

So we kept talking and discussing and trying to think of girls in the Bible. We have decided on Lydia. She sold purple cloth and Caroline has the sweetest Bible story in one of her Bibles about Lydia coming to Jesus. I am sure there will be pictures to come! We shall see!

We are off to Occupational Therapy today and I am looking forward to discussing Caroline's upcoming Neurology appointment with them. They have scheduled the doctor to come to OT one day in November and he will observe and meet us there before we move on to other possible appointments. I am really excited about this because Caroline is VERY nervous (like more than your average bear) about doctors. At OT they will play with Caroline while the MD talks to me and my husband and then we will move on from there. I hope he doesn't think we all need an MRI! HA! You just never know!

Well, off to clean and do laundry! The laundry... seriously.. I am JUST OVER IT! I mean it is SO time consuming and NEVER ENDING! It's a little cold to be naked though. Although... going commando has crossed my mind. NO! I am not going to do that!! I just thought it...

Hence, the possible MRI!


Rebecca Jo said…
When I had to dress up as a Biblical character - I always loved to dress up as an Angel!!!!! Can use it for ordinary parties or church parties!
Faith said…
"I'll just be Noah" - oh mercy, the girl cracks me up!! Can't wait to see the Lydia get-up...I know she'll be cute!

And please, please don't go commando. I'll come help you with laundry so you don't have to resort to that ;-)

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