Happy Fall Ya'll!

This past weekend we went to a Sunday school social at a pumpkin patch/corn maze/bonfire place. I guess otherwise known as a farm. There were tractors and hay bails and animals to pet and all... AND it was really fun!

Here are the kids (and some adults) waiting to get on the trailer that took us to the fun!

They had this ride that they had put together where they used barrels to make little cows. The cows were all attached and they pulled them behind a 4 wheeler. The kids would get into the cows and they would pull them all over the place. The kids had a ball and every time they would come back saying "that's bouncy!"

Here's Caroline and Rebecca rarin' to go! YEE HA!

We had lots of fun going through the corn maze, but it sure was muddy! I wore boots that are OLD and they are slick on the bottom. I had to work hard not to bust it several times while trying to make my way through the maze. Oh and my friends WOULD have laughed. Oh yes they would!

The kids did a great job of helping us find the posts and at each post we had to answer a question. If we got the answer right we were told to go one way, but if we got it wrong... well, we were pretty sure we got it right since we took the kid version along with us. ha! I mean one question was "What do chickens lay?" Come on now! Here they are ready to answer the question so we can move on!!

Check out these little cuties! They are twins, but no one would ever know!! They are our friends, Brandon and Emily's, little guys..


And Cooper!

I can hardly stand the cuteness!

So we saw bunnies and horses and played in a big box of corn... ate s'mores and roasted marshmallows and sang happy birthday to our friend Danny... we let the kids swing and slide and we just had a grand ol' time!

By the end of the night we were all exhausted. Everyone was ready to get on the trailer and head back to our cars. We were tired, muddy and smelled like smoke, but we had had a great time celebrating fall!

Caroline and our sweet friend Emma! We love our friends!


Faith said…
These are great pics! I love the ones you got of the twins...so sweet! And, yes my friend, you are very right in the fact that I would have rolled on the floor laughing had you busted it, and then I would have been muddy too. Ha!! Love my friends so much!
Rebecca Jo said…
Love the Fall events - especially with kids!!! I love how eager they are with their hands up to answer questions! I'm sure it was the time of their life!
MiMi said…
Oh my goodness these are some cute pictures! I cannot believe how big Brady and Cooper have gotten!

You really got some cute pictures of all the kids! Love the one of Liney and Emma!

I wish I could have gone, but Emma said "you don't have a ticket." )-:

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