A Possible Math Miracle?

Oh. My. Word. I am almost beside myself!

Last night I was online for a while looking for things to help us with our math difficulties in first grade. I wanted to find SOMETHING that would give us a practical visual that Caroline could use in the classroom when no visual is given. Like sometimes they use blocks to count with, but sometimes the don't! When they don't... girlfriend is totally in the dark! Even when they DO she still struggles.

So... this summer she was in math camp. (I know. Bless her heart. Other kids were in some amazing camp where they rode on zip lines, splashed happily into the water and swam until their heart's content. My kid? Math camp.) But in math camp they did Touch Math one day. I taught it a little when I taught first grade, but I sorta forgot about it. WELL! TO MY DELIGHT! There is an entire program using Touch Math!

(Now I bet you are thinking," YOU taught first grade and you are struggling THIS much with your own kid? Trust me. It's much harder when it's your own kid. TRUST ME!)

What you do is assign dots to each number and that gives the kids a visual to help them add! Number one gets one dot. Number two gets two dots...etc! It's SO cool! AND you can use a FREE tutorial video for teachers and parents!! Oh my word!

We used it a little this morning and she actually seemed to do pretty well. OH! Please pray that this clicks with her and that math begins to pick up! We are so wanting this to be fun for her and with 11 years of school ahead of us... starting to hate it NOW would just make all involved want to jump off a bridge... or something.


Faith said…
So glad you came across something that could help the girly with her math. I'll pray that it clicks!!
Brenda said…
Hi! I don't know if you're interested in yet another program, but Amanda uses Rightstart Math with Miriam. Check it out on her blog at
www.landclanlearning.blogspot.com and get in touch with her if you'd like to hear more about it. Miriam loves it since it's hand's on. Hope everyone is doing well. Give Caroline a hug for me!
MiMi said…
I'm so glad you ran across the "Touch Math". I have never heard of that, but it sounds like a great teaching concept. I pray this is going to make Caroline have an "Aha" moment with her math!
Heather said…
This is a great idea! Hopefully she will like it!

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