All Good Things...

..well, you know the rest.

BO! I am a little sad that our most recent women's Bible study is coming to an end! Some of my sweetest friends have been gathering each week to read God's Word together and I have really loved it.

Our friend Katie has opened her beautiful home for us every week and has little treats for us every time we darken her door. Last week it was blue berry muffins! (Oh, yes it was. They were still warm.. delish!) At Easter she and her little boy made us cookies and it was so precious! Her little guy was so proud!! I wish I had some pictures to share because Katie has done a fabulous job at making us feel welcome. Good ol' Suthern hospitality girlfriends!

We have started each week on our faces before the Lord and let me tell you... humbling! We have shed tears as we have tried to climb the ascent of a closer walk and worship with and for our Lord. While it has been humbling and emotional at times.. I dare say that none of us would have changed it for the world!

I am always at a loss when I finish something like this. I never know what to do next. It's like part of my life is missing. The accountability to do my homework and have myself prepared each week is challenging, but wonderful!! I love it when I am learning something meaningful along side those that I love. It gives our conversation more meaning and our hearts a kindred spirit because we are walking the same road. When it's done... I know I am closer to the Lord and to my precious friends, but I am also sort of lost. Just left hungering for more I suppose.

The other thing that I miss is being able to catch up on all that my friends face each week. It is really an honor to lift them to the Lord in prayer and see Him work in their lives. Some of us keep up better than others, and I know that is just how it is. We get busy. And this time has been specifically set aside for the past seven weeks so that nothing else gets in the way. When the time is over we go back to life as we know it and I miss not hearing from everyone every week. It just means that I have to be more intentional with my friendships and yet it is so worth it to me to have these ladies as my friends.

So as we close out this study I just want to challenge us all to never stop! We are so much better for the journey and so much stronger when we walk it together! I can't wait to see how the Lord will answer the many prayers that we have lifted to Him and it is exciting to grow along side such precious women of God.

Now.. when does the next one start?? Anyone??

Lord, thank you for the opportunity to know you more and thank you for my friends! I can not express the gratitude that I have, for You have blessed me beyond words! Thank you for being a Holy God who inhabits the praise of His people! You are worthy of all that we are and all that we are yet to be! I pray that You are honored with our efforts to bow before You and be humbled as we recognize Your place as God and Lord. We love You! Please do not let the end of this study signify the end of our pursuit of You and Your Word. Amen.


Valarie said…
Girl, while I know your SS class loves to study together it's time to let us all in!!! ;-)
Just jokin' y'all!

Can't wait to see where He leads you, just hopin' I can be a part too!

Love ya.
PS. Thanks for the "no judgement" lunch yesterday!! ;-)
Faith said…
I love what God Calling said yesterday..."You will find such Joy as the time goes on in speaking to each other of Me, and together climbing higher."
We have climbed...let's keep going!
Love you girl!
Melissa said…
Valarie, you will be happy to know that you are not the only one wanting to press on! Faith is right.. we find so much more Joy in the pilgrimage when we do it together. (Well, God Calling said part of that, but you know what I mean!) So we will press on girlies! We just need a direction! PRAY!! Let's see what our Daddy says! :)

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