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Hi sweet Internet friends!

I wanted to share our photos from the Mommy and Me Fashion Show and Tea that we recently had at our church! This was the third year that we have hosted a tea for the moms and their daughters and each year it is just precious. Grandmothers, moms and daughters get decked out and participate in the day...

It is really hard to get good photos in the dark, very large gym, but that sweet little one above on the stage is my Caroline! She did a great job! All of the girls got to model two dresses and I was really not sure if she would go through with walking out in front of 300 people, but she did!! I was so excited for her!

Lots of sweet dresses and sweeter girls were parading around. My friend Nicki had her three girls in the show and they were precious with their color coordinated outfits! My friends Amy E. and Maria also had their girls in the show. By the time I got focused on them they would suddenly move so these photos are not the easiest to see, but the girls were still super cute!
These are Amy E.'s girls... Eva Grace and Brooke...
... and this is Chloe'... my friend, Maria's, daughter.
She is holding hands with her little sister, but you can't see her!

Also, my friend Amy is the Director of Children's Ministry at our church and she posted pictures of the cutie pie room that we decorated. Well, it's a gym, but it was a cutie when we were all done with it!

Everyone had their pictures made and then there was a precious little skit for the little girls. THEY LOVED IT! It was about the caterpillar and the dragonfly getting their wings and their purpose from God. Really great! The girls were mesmerized!

Then we had a good lunch! It was perfect... PB&J and pink lemonade... that dirt dessert with a cute white chocolate flower coming out of it... all for the little girlies. The big girlies had chicken salad croissants and veggies. It was so cute the way they did it all! Very girlie, and very appropriate!!
A wonderful day was had by all and all of the moms were so proud. It was a really neat time and a memory we will always cherish... time with mom!


Nicki said…
Caroline was SOOO cute!! She cracks me up!! Everything was so great! Ya'll did such a great job!!
Faith said…
Look at that super model! She looks precious!

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