Plans Thwarted!

I seem to remember writing a very prideful blog about the fact that I had a new camera and all of the fabulous things that I would do with it. Do you remember that? Well, just scroll down the page. It's the entry just before this one.

What happens when you seem to be a little prideful?

Instead of graduation pictures you nurse the 101.1 fever and clean up throw up. THAT'S what you do!

This is actually a posed picture from today. She is doing some better, but is showing us what she did ALL DAY long yesterday! I even carried the child to the bathroom.
So here we are today!

Still complaining with a stomach ache but able to sit up and drink a little Sierra Mist... her favorite. But we are sporting our beloved heart shaped pink headphones and grinning a bit. We are coming along. But notice the green towel over her pillow? We are still taking precautions friends.
As for the fashion show that is tomorrow morning at 10 (that I think I might be more excited about than she is) well.. that's still up in the air. BUT if I AM more excited than she is then maybe it's for the best.
Puts the whole pride thing in perspective, ya know?
So...let's see what we have learned this week.
1) Being bitter never helps.
2) Being a brat and pitching a fit doesn't either.
3)Pride comes before a fall.
Pretty sure God is right all the time.


JenB said…
Oh so sorry for you! That stinks! Glad she's doing a little better.

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