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Recently I posted a blog about my daughter Caroline and the Auditory/Sensory issues that we have dealt with as she has grown. We have an incredible therapist that has done some great things with her. We have seen incredible maturity and growth this school year and I attribute much of it to prayer, a supportive network of friends and family, a wonderful OT, and a great teacher. It has been awesome to see every person in my child's realm of 'important people' pray for us and help accept her as she is.

Here are a few things that have really seemed to help:

1) PRAY! I am telling you! To know that we can lift our daughter to her MAKER is out-of-this- world- incredible! He made her, He knows every single detail of her DNA, He knows what she needs when she needs it, He knows which teacher is best for her, He knows which therapy day is best... HE KNOWS IT ALL! He is GOD!!

2)Find a scripture that speaks to your situation with your child and pray it for them. My scripture is Isaiah 54:13, "All your sons will be taught by the Lord, and great will be your children's peace." See remembering things were hard for Caroline at first and in school you have to remember what you learned last week so that you can build on it this week. She was also so overwhelmed that she could not settle herself enough to focus on what was being taught. Well, I began to pray that if it was hard for the teacher to get it across to Caroline that the Lord would intervene and use that teacher's words to help it make sense. Or that He would just speak directly to Caroline's heart during class. ANYTHING, LORD! Just please be her teacher so that she can learn and grow!!

Caroline was also very overwhelmed by all of the stimulus around her. 20 children, decorations, chairs, a schedule, noises, colors, letters, crafts... are all wonderful, but if you have a hard time with taking it all in... not so wonderful! So I prayed that the Lord would give her peace and that He would be calming to her in the midst of what seems like chaos to her.

I also posted this scripture on her bedroom door and I pray it for her every day on the way to school. HE is answering and I am one grateful mama!

3) Get a trampoline and a swing set! Yea, I know. You SWORE that your kid would NEVER have a trampoline! Me too. But these kids need that bouncing or swinging motion to help them organize their bodies. I KNOW!!!!!!! It sounds like the weirdest thing, but if you talk to a therapist who can really explain all of the ins and outs of these kids they will tell you that they have a hard time organizing themselves. There is something about the bouncing and swinging that calms them and helps them to focus. BELIEVE ME! It is worth it!!!!!!!

We got a small trampoline (8ft. round) instead of the normal 13 ft. round. It does not take up as much space and it does not allow 59 kids to get on it so you feel a little safer. AND it has the pads and a net.

To be honest. Besides therapy and school, those three are the biggest things that we have done for our Caroline. There are other things that have helped (and to keep this from being a book I will share them at another time) but prayer, claiming God's Word in her life, and a trampoline and swing set have been wonderful things for our family.

Sounds kind of funny, but it's true.

Lord, thank you for being all that we need. You HAVE been Caroline's teacher and You ARE her peace. She knows that she is being prayed for and she knows that You answer prayer.

Please be with those moms who are struggling to know how to help their kids. God it is so hard!! Hear their prayers Lord. Be THEIR peace. Show them Your perfect plan for them and if they don't know You Lord... please speak to their hearts now. Help them to sense You tugging at their hearts and show them Your forgiveness... the wonderful gift of salvation through Jesus Christ Your Son! Help them to pursue You with their very lives Lord.

I love You Jesus! Amen!!


Faith said…
So thankful that the Lord has revealed so much to y'all over the past year. She is doing so good, and I just praise His name for that! So proud of how He is using you through all of this too! Love you!
joyfullness said…
Thankyou for the encouraging post!!
We just returned from an informing conference for our almost 4 yr old...i am joy-full always... that the Lord has His hand over, in, around, through, our lives.. we have been blessed with the opportunity to be placed in a special program for ours.. with a team of loving, knowledgable teachers and therapists to help guide us on our journey! Rejoice in the Lord always and again I say rejoice!!
ofcourse..that means mommy will have some issues to deal with...
but thats okay.. what a wonderful maker of just the right circumstances!! Again..thankyou for sharing!!
Oh.. and a swing is definitely a must!!! we do not have a tramp.. but we have friends that do.. it is always a great answer to resort to what " the manufacturers" say (and clearly diagram) are the maximum occupancy for jumping procedures!! Try that one and see.. sometimes other people in authority.. (manufacturers) know better than mommy's do!!
Melissa said…
Yes, the mommy issues are a whole nother story! :) I am glad that you are getting educated and getting early intervention. It is so key to helping these kids! Thank you for your comment! I love that there are others out there that seem to understand!

Faith, thank you for being one of those in Caroline's realm of important, praying people! We love you so much! And Chad. And Calie and Mayson. AND Emma Boo.

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