Oh, No She Di'uh!

My daughter is in the tub tonight, with a huge blue hairbow in her hair left there from the day.

I am in the playroom cutting out an apron to sew. I am literally steps away from her.

Her: "Mom, can I play with this thing in the tub?"

Me, without going in there to look : "Well, I don't know honey. What is it?"

Her: "Just this thing here in the bathroom."

Me, thinking what she could possibly be talking about, but again, not going to look: "Uh, well, I guess so."

Her: "Ok! Good!"

Her singing: "I am dusting, I am dusting, yes I am" to the tune of "Where is Thumbkin?"

Me: "What is it that you are dusting with?"

Her: "This white thing mom!"

Me, casually walking into the bathroom: "What... oh my word! Put that down! What are you thinking? You DO NOT PUT THE TOILET BOWL BRUSH IN THE TUB WITH YOU!!!!! GROSS!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Fortunately I just bought it. I mean, I had used it one time, but it was fairly... sort of.. kind of...clean.

Would it have been ok for me to spray her with Lysol at that point without DSS coming? Or perhaps scalding water?

Just wondering.

I didn't know which would have been worse in their eyes.

The bath with the bowl brush, the Lysol or the scalding water..... really, it's a toss up.


Amy E. said…
I am dying laughing right now!! Seems like something that would happen at our house! All three of my kids have eaten their own poop at some point in their lives and they are still alive, so hopefully the toilet germs won't hurt her too badly! :) (TMI, I know).
just too funny!
Valarie said…
Oh girl. Here's the silver lining. At least there was cleaner in the bowl that will hopefully kill some of the germs! I mean, you do use bowl cleaner, right?! hahahaha

That is TOOOOO funny!!! Gross, but funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Melissa said…
Ya'll! What kind of mother doesn't even LOOK!? I mean, it could have been anything!
Thanks for the encouragement Amy! I am glad they can survive because I am really doubting myself these days!
Nicki said…
OH MY GOSH!!! That is SOOO funny!! I can totally see her doing that!! =)

ps- you did a GREAT job this morning!

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