Jesus Loves Me

This weekend has been a pretty eventful one with a Mommy and Me Tea and Fashion show at our church. My mom was here and my mother-in-law came to participate in the festivities! I have photos that I want to share, but today is catch up day for me since Caroline got sick last week and then the Tea madness hit. I will have to share those at a later time. It was great fun and so sweet!

One thing that I did learn this weekend is that Jesus loves me.

Well, I mean, I knew it already, but this weekend at church our pastor talked about the fact that God has a plan for our lives.

Okay, I knew that too, but you know how it is when you get in a rut?

I feel like since we ended our Beth Moore study I have just been floundering around... just sort of praying and reading, but not getting any real meat! Well, it helped me so much just to be reminded of the simple truth that God has a plan for me and that in order to know His plan I have got to be plugged in! NO FLOUNDERING!

Then we head to Sunday school and I loved hearing that our Heavenly Father really wants such a relationship with us that He wants us to call Him by name! When we pray... not just any old name will do. Jesus loves me so much that He wants to spend time with me! It was good to be reminded that when we use someone's name to address them it is showing a relationship, a sign of respect and familiarity. AND it's the same with God.

You know, you hear people say "The Big Guy" or "The Man Upstairs," but honestly those terms are showing that the person really does not know God at all! When we call Him LORD (all caps) we are saying that He is a covenant keeping God. And when we call Him Jehovah Rafa we are saying that He is our healer. What relationship when we know those things about Him and can call out to Him with words that describe His character! It is just awesome to know that He wants to reveal Himself to us through the names that represent who He is, but I have to be in my Bible to know those things about Him.


I just really needed this Sunday at church. It was such good reminder that God is a personal God. He loves me in spite of my sin and He wants to spend time with me to help me know Him more. Sometimes it is the simple, back to the basics, sort of things that we need. The theology and original Greek and Hebrew terms are wonderful things to learn, but sometimes I just need to hear that Jesus loves me.

And ... He loves you too.

What did you learn at church this weekend? Share a simple truth that might help encourage others!


JenB said…
I tagged you for something on my blog. Have fun!!

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