You GOTTA BE Kidding Me!

Well, the graceful soul that I am... dropped my digital camera and shattered the screen. I can NOT tell you how ill I am about this.

Not to mention that last year I had my camera either stolen or I lost it on Father's Day.

Yea. Genius.

So needless to say that my camera record isn't real good AND I have had MANY photo ops that would have been priceless on the old blawg. (You think my husband will rush out and get me a new one? I am thinking NOT!)

Like my friend Jennifer's ( little boy sporting my daughter's heart shaped head phones. SO precious. Yea, that would have been precious on a blawg.

Or maybe the other night when I went out with my friends. I don't get to see this group of friends a whole lot! It would have been GREAT to have a photo of them and then share it with the blawging world. Sure would have been nice.

OR the fact that my kid lost another tooth last night. Can I take a picture of it?

Uh. no.

I am not bitter. Not bitter at all.


JenB said…
Man that stinks. Just add it to the list: DVD player, camera, tire, vacuum, diamond ring...Oh, that wasn't on the list? Well it totally should be.

And thanks again!
Melissa said…
Well, actually... I DID want those two bands to go with my diamond! Guess I won't be headed to the jewelery store any time soon!
Faith said…
That does stink! Those bands sure were pretty! haha!

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