Hallelujah, THINE THE GLORY!

Guess what?
I got a new camera!!!!!!!!!! Oh, yes ma'am I did.
All bitterness... gone.
The sweetest husband in the world (yes he is...do not argue!) said I could.

Guess what else?
Tomorrow is graduation picture day at kindergarden!
Can you handle the sweetness of that?
Not sure I can.
I am going.
With my new camera.
Photos will soon appear.
Because I have a new camera.

And another thing?
We are having a Mommy and Me Tea and Fashion Show at our church this weekend.
The Caroline is a model!
Wonder if you will see pictures of that?
It's a mystery yet to be seen.

She got student of the month!
THIS month.
Again, photos of one kind of cute kid will appear. Ok, REALLY cute kid.

Are you sick of this?
I, kind of, am.

Just needed the internet world to know that I am no longer bitter.
I did pitch a tiny fit.
I was by myself so only God saw.
Bitterness and fits are reason to ask for forgiveness.
I had to do that too.

It has been a good week for me.
Just realizing that my silly bitternesses and fits really show how shallow I can be.
And how big God is.
And I am glad He's big because sometimes... I am SO not big.

The end. Thank you.


Notebook said…
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Valarie said…
You always make me laugh!!!

Love ya.
Faith said…
Yippy for your new camera! Not yippy for Liney being sick...hope she is doing much better! Missed you today!

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