Perhaps I'll Wallpaper the Birdbath!

SO not long ago I posted a blog about the bird wall in my downstairs bath... I've decided to call the downstairs bath "The Birdbath."

(The guest bedroom is called "Mimi's Room" because my mom and dad are the only ones that sleep there when they occasionally visit so it has a name... it's only right to name the downstairs bath!)

I do love it and I have sense added a shelf that has some great nests sitting on it.. However, my camera is STILL broken so I can't show it to you. How much do I hate that?? I am STILL bitter!

So here's a fun wall paper I was considering...
OR we could try this one:

I sort of like the blue one because my kitchen is blue and it would bring some of that color into another part of my house.

I also think the design is fabulous and sort of formal without being stuffy. Hate the stuffiness. And my husband refuses to live in a museum.

Which reminds me of the time that my mom redecorated in their old house and she bought this tall slim table and she got a bust of a man's head to put on it. I thought my husband was going to choke to death. He thought he was in a museum and he said so each time we visited. THAT was interesting.

Ok, stop getting me off track.

So anyway, I think that the blue bath would also bring some life into the Birdbath since it is just a golden yellow right now.

In other news... through a series of events I found an old friend today! It was really amazing how it all worked and she posted a blog about it here. She even posted a photo of our old youth group and it is quite a sight to see!

She even lives in my town! For Pete's sake... she lives in MY PART of my town! We have never crossed paths or anything and I am just totally amazed that we figured out that we were posting comments on each other's blogs and hellooooooooooo... I think I know you!

So that was just amazing!

THEN... I have not posted about this because I was trying to get past the drama... we went to the dentist with the Caroline two days ago to have a teeny tiny cavity filled. Here's the play by play:

She stiffed armed us.
I made her lay down.
She cried.
She gagged.
She pulled at the dentist's hands.
She gagged more.
She threw up.
I cried.
We cleaned her up.
We went to the dentist's office.
We decided that we will have to go to the stinkin' hospital to get two little cavities filled so that the decay does not spread to her permanent teeth.
I called my husband.
I cried more.
The end.


Southerner said…
Oh, I hate to see this post! I worked in pediatric dentistry for 6 years. I would encourage you to go to a pediatric dentist if this is not one, they are just better equipped to deal with kids that are frightened and have a more kid friendly atmostphere. We had sunglasses so the light didn't bother them, tvs, arcade games and room of toys while they waited. We did not allow the moms to go back and it is not to do things behind the moms back- it is because the child does not understand why when they cry for mom she doesn't do anything. They can more focus on what the dentist and assistant are saying- not focusing on getting mom to help me out of this. I hate for any child to have a bad experience, if this dentist does not take the time to work with the child to explain things in a child friendly manner then I would try someone else. We did pedowrap little ones that were too young to understand not to grab our hands. It is actually a backboard with a velcro wrap that wraps around their bodies and holds their hands down. I know to a mom this sounds awful, but it kept the kids from hurting themselves by grabbing us while we were holding sharp instruments and doing detailed work. The kids felt like it was a snuggle blanket and would ask for it the next time, because they weren't jumping around we would just lay them on it and cover them with a tucked blanket and they would do find. I am mentioning this because I know that now that I have children the thought of this would freak me out. It is also important not to let her sense any feeling that there is anything wrong or really important about going to the dentist. It should be like going to get your hair cut, or nails done. Make it a possitive thing like saying, "On Tuesday, we are going to get that ol cavity bug out of your tooth and why don't we go get some icecream after that?" Not- because you are brave or good - just we are having a fun day. I hope some of this helps, and I do know by being on the other end (this is the kids that were referred to us from general dentists and we had to teach that it was fun to come)how much you care for her and are torn by trying to protect her and also treat her cavities. You can turn this around- let her take a special doll, animal, blanket- one kid always brought their mom's slip- it was so funny!
Melissa said…
Hey sweet friend! Thank you for stopping my my blog and for leaving a comment.
You are so precious! Thank you for being concerned for my girl! She actually has some sensory processing issues and her gag reflex is extremely sensitive. We do go to a pediatric dentist and they are precious there. They gave me the option of going back with her because she has such a difficult time with brushing teeth, washing hair, tags in her shirt, etc. and they were trying to just know what to do with her. It's really hard, and the dentist is great!! It was not anything that they did at all. It is Caroline's issues and how we best need to cope with them. I guess I should have included that in the post so that it was more clear!

Thanks again for the advice! We need all of the help we can get!!
Faith said…
I like the wallpaper samples! Very pretty! It's a bigger commitment than paint though! =)

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