I Thought This Turned Out Okay.. But...

I added a cutie little shelf to the Birdbath!

I really like the nests! Especially the one with the colorful eggs!!

This is my guest bedroom! The bed does not have a headboard and so I decided to add these windows to give the room a little "umph". My house is a lot of reds, golds and greens, but I love shabby chic stuff. I wanted to add a few shabby elements, and I found these at a flea market.
I also had this pearl monogram that I really like and I love ribbon so I thought I would attach it.

Thing is... I think this still looks a little plain.

Anyone want to chime in? Give suggestions?


Valarie said…
Girl! Here's a suggestion for the windows. Take some pictures - either some that will fit in each pane or mat them - of family and put in there. Like, not you, Steve-O and Liney, but the grandparents, aunts/uncles, cousins, etc. Or in one put you, your mom/dad, grandparents and in the other Steve, his parents and grandparents. I've seen that done and it is just about the SWEETEST thing!

That's my 2 cents.
(That'll be $45! haha)

See ya.
Faith said…
You could do some of the Nester's fabric garland she talked about today. Put some clips in there and hang old photos from them.
Or do the wall tattoo's above the windows with a scripture or something!
My 2 cents!
Melissa said…
Both of these are great ideas... well, all three of them are, but I really like The Nester's little garland thingy. It's really unique and I like the idea of using ribbon. I do have one black and white photo of my mom in there from when she was 14. It is really cool, and I would not mind having more black and whites to go in there. That's on a whole 'nother wall though!
Thanks for the ideas girls!
love you!!
Amy E. said…
Hey girlie,
I was just reading Good Housekeeping today and saw this and immediately thought of you and just got so excited!!! :) Go to www.goodhousekeeping.com/headboard - you'll see that they have 'painted' a headboard on the wall and it looks absolutely darling!! It would really look good in your little shabby chic room and you're so crafty I know you could do it! Hope you like it!! I love it and would love to do it at our house, but we've got plenty of headboards at the moment. :) Just thought it was a neat idea to pass along!

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