Tryin' to Decorate!

You know when you are tired of your house... NOT unthankful... that's not what I mean! Just sort of tired of how it looks and ready for a change? You also know that if you did ALL that you would LIKE to do that you might send your husband into cardiac arrest? You know those feelings? Well, me too. Like I know those things rightthissecond and I NEED to do something.

SO here's what I did. :)

My dining room was just a dark redish brown room with no pictures on our biggest wall. I can't afford a buffet or any more furniture right now so I framed some old calendar pages that my sister-in-law found at a flea market and this is what I did. You can't really see the detail, but they are fruit botanicals. An improvement, but still a little plain. Don't you think?

I think it looks ok. I still have no curtains in this room and I sometimes think it's too dark, but the pics lightened it up a bit with the beige mats. Any thoughts?

I also had some towels hanging over the toilet in my downstairs bath and I was tired of it. SO I found some bird pictures and these little glass plate things that look old and have ribbons for hangers. Here's what it looks like.

There is a blank wall to the right of it, and my six year old (with HER expert decorator advice!) thinks I should move it all to the blank wall. I also found a nest that has pretty eggs in it and I want to find a little shelf for it. There are lots of bird things out there now so I could go crazy!!

This is fun! My poor husband. I can't get too sassy yet! He might seriously kill me. Well... at least give me the evil how-much-money-did-all-of-this-cost eye.

I also have some fabric that I bought when my friend Faith made her curtains ( and I trimmed the selvages and stopped at that! I gotta get the courage to keep going!! I have sewn some but never something with so much fabric! Oh. My. Word.! It's a lot more than a yard 'o fabric girls. Just a little intimidating. WHAT was I thinking?

It's just I know that if I want to change somethings I can't afford to have it made so I gotta do it myself.

Unless my ship came in and then I would get me a decorator and we would go to town!

Haven't heard any whistles from a boat lately though.

I think I can, I think I can. Pray for me.


Faith said…
Looks great! Love the bird pictures A LOT!
I haven't heard any whistles lately either! But it's so much fun to do it yourself and then be so proud of what you accomplished. You can do it, you can do it! I know you can! Girl, you never learn unless you try. I will be glad to help you in any way I can!
looks fabulous. sure wish i could stop by and see it in person!! love, Leigh
Melissa said…
Steve DID say that the bird theme/thing is his favorite thing that I have done so far! WOW! That's impressive! Who knew?
Thanks for the support girls! At least neither of you said, 'WHAT ARE YOU THINKIN'!" It helps. :)
Amy E. said…
The birds are my fave!! And love the music -- way too cool! And, for the record, I think your house is just gorgeous, honey! :)
Valarie said…
Love it! I'll have to swing by sometime and check it out! I'll keep my eye out for the Wells Fargo truck that's gonna turn over in your yard, just be sure to call me when it does. tee hee
The Nester said…
Hey fellow Charlotte Blogger!

LOVE the bird wall!

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