Meeting of the Minds

Well, today we are meeting with Caroline's team of teachers to discuss first grade, and to be honest these meetings always make me nervous!

If you have a child with any sort of special need you are always on pins and needles that someone might reject them in someway. They may feel that they do not have the resources or the man power to handle your situation and it is hard to face the fact that someone might not be able to handle your child!

When I taught school I taught Special Ed for 4 years and then "regular" school for 4 years. As a teacher you are concerned for every child and I understand the feeling of "WHAT can I do to help them succeed? They are all so different!!" If you have a child in your classroom that is REALLY difficult to understand or has a very hard time learning, it makes your job even harder. I mean... Caroline is not the only child in there that needs to learn so they have to consider the teacher's ability to keep her up to speed along with 19 other kids. It's a huge responsibility!

As a parent, though, it's Caroline that I am concerned with. Not the other 19 so much. I mean, I do care about them, but ultimately Caroline's education is my responsibility so she is my focus. It's hard to hear that some of her immature behaviors might keep her from being a part of the classroom. Her bathroom issues, her need to be redirected, her need to be tested separately, her need for extended time on things... all play into the decisions that teachers need to make as they think of the classroom as a whole.

Some of the questions that we have to ask is: How will they compensate for her? What will the assistant in the classroom do to help? Do we need Special Ed to come into play more than they currently do?

You know, you never want to be a burden to anyone. But to be honest, when you have a child with special needs you sometimes feel like a burden. I do not mean this in a negative sense, but it isn't like you can just walk in and be a part of the classroom. Special considerations have to be made and it makes it hard sometimes. It's hard to face. It's hard to understand. It's hard to accept. It's just plain hard.

I do NOT KNOW what I would do if I did not know the Lord! How would I cope with this if I could not cry out to Him? He made her! He has all things in His hands, and He knows what is best! I will trust... as we go into this meeting... that He is already there and He already sees the best for my Caroline. I will hand it all to Him and seek His plan for her life. I might have to hand it to him 87 times today, but I will do it and I will trust that the God of the Universe...the God of Creation... my covenant keeping Father God who knit her together for His purpose is in 100% control!

Thank you LORD! You DO understand. Nothing is hard for You! You are the one that created Caroline and You are the one who knows all things. You put our lives in motion and You sustain us with every breath that we take. Nothing is too hard for You and You have a plan and a purpose for us and for Caroline. Please reveal Your perfect plan to us and to the teachers that will meet with us today! We need You Lord. You are our guide and our refuge! We love You and thank You that Your hand is not shortened and Your will will be done! Amen!


Amy E. said…
Prayed for you, Steve, and Liney today....hope everything went okay!
love you,
Faith said…
I have been praying all day! Let me know how things went. Love you my friend!
Melissa said…
Thanks Amy! Things went okay. We have some decisions to make and it is just always hard to know what to do since we can't see into the future! I know the Lord will show us so don't stop praying! We need it!
Love you too!
Melissa said…
Thank you Faith! We could feel your prayers! The Lord will be faithful to answer in His time so we are trusting Him!
Praying for you too!
Love you girl!
Melissa said…
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Melissa said…
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Faith said…
Hey girly! I tagged you again for something at my blog =) I know you love your man too, so tell us about him!
Tracey said…
Hi Melissa,

I'm so glad you found me through Emily. Thanks for coming by to visit Make Room For...

I have enjoyed reading about you and your sweet family and thoroughly enjoyed your post on being prideful. A much needed reminder to me!


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