Being Brave

Not long ago I heard Dr. Dobson say to begin to pray for character traits that you would like to see developed in your child. Well, lately Caroline has been saying that things make her afraid. She says she's afraid of the dark and needs a night light. She said she's afraid of rain and wants it to stop because the sound scares her. She gets nervous at school and when they have chapel in "big church" she doesn 't want to go because it makes her afraid. So I started praying for her to be brave. I have asked Jesus to help her to not be afraid but to remind her that He is with her and that mommy and daddy love her very much!

Last night Caroline realized that she had left a school book in the car. (She can not check out another one if she does not return the one she checked out. This is, apparently, a big deal so she was on a mission to get this book into her bookbag.) Well, the car was in the garage and the door was down and the light in the garage just burned out. There was not a speck of light from anywhere.

I can hear her talking to herself. "The light won't come on. It's dark."
"MOM! What's wrong with the light?"
"Well the light burned out and daddy has to fix it. He just hasn't gotten to it yet."
Talking to herself again. "I just have to go to the car and get my book."
In a few minutes here she comes into the kitchen with her book.

"Mom, I got it. I am going to put it in my bookbag so that tomorrow I will be all ready for school."
"Wow Caroline. You went out in the garage and got that all by yourself."
"Yes. Why?"
"Well, you were brave! I know you are afraid of the dark, but you went out there and did it all by yourself! You are brave!"

She gasped out loud! "I am brave?" she asked.
"Yes you are honey!"
"Well, mom! Then Jesus answered your prayer! You asked Him to make me brave and He did it! Praise the Lord!"

Oh my word.

Thank you Jesus! She is seeing You in the every day and praising You! What more could I ever ask for?


Nicki said…
That is so sweet!!! I definetely know the whole "gotta find my book" deal!! =)

You are doing such a great job with her!! She's so precious!
JenB said…
oh, getting all teary! How sweet! Don't you love it when they start to GET it?!
Faith said…
Bless her! That is so sweet! She is growing in the Lord, and I don't think you could ask for anything more! Love her, and you!

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