Busy week!

I can not believe that I wrote my last post on Wednesday! My goodness! The time has flown!

It has been a good week. A hard week, but a good week! That kind of doesn't make sense, but when you are able to see God at work, even in the hard times... well, it's good. Hard, but good. See?

We met with the Special Needs teachers, first grade teachers and current K-5 teacher this week for our daughter's school. That's the hard part! Just the fact that decisions need to be made for her when we thought things were already decided was hard. BUT the Lord is so good! He is showing me and my husband everyday that He will provide for us and that He will sustain us JUST LIKE HE DID THIS YEAR!

(that's in all caps because I am yelling it. At myself. 'Cause apparently it's a lesson that I can not learn easily. You know those lessons? The ones that don't come easy? Well, I need to learn that if He did it before, He can, and WILL do it again! Maybe if I yell it it will stick. To the side of my head or something so I can read it in the mirror because it's not sticking in my brain!)

She got Student of the Month this month and she was SOOO excited! (As were her parents!) Look at her with her little award!

Go girlfriend! We are so proud of you!!

I have also worked for several days on our Special Needs Ministry at our church. It's really awesome to see what God is beginning to do among this population! It is wonderful to see kids with different disabilities come to church and sing songs about Jesus. They are learning Bible verses and hearing that they are loved. It is SO precious! Not all of them can talk or even walk very well. Not everyone can show that they fully understand, but we are wanting them to know that they are loved. Hopefully one day I can share some photos of our kids and the work that is being done by many volunteers. It will just bless your heart!

Will you please pray for a meeting that we are having next Wednesday night for parents and volunteers that deal with kids with special needs? We are asking God to do a NEW work among our families and we will match up "Buddies" with kids that need extra help in Sunday school. Oh, friends! It's so good to see it come together!! I just love it!

I also had a great time at a women's conference this weekend! Priscilla Shirer came and spoke and it was just fabulous!

She spoke on the children of Israel being delivered from the hand of Pharaoh and just really pulled out some incredible reminders of God's faithfulness.

I really needed the special prayer time at the beginning of the weekend. It was an amazing time of worship and prayer as women of different colors, shapes, sizes and situations wrote prayer requests and placed them on the altar. Just to have that time to be real and open before the Lord was so refreshing. And to see those women in prayer made me realize that we all face things that we need Him to touch!

It was just a time to pour out my heart about the choices that we are facing. It gave me time to go back and read the promises that He gave me this year as we faced starting school and be reassured that He is STILL the same God! And then to know that women were taking those cards and praying over them just really brought such a peace. Knowing that you are being lifted to the Father is a humbling thing!

I know that the Lord spoke to every woman this weekend. Several of our girls from Sunday school went and we got to sit together. One thing that stood out to me was when Priscilla said that they had prayed that the Lord would bring those women that were serious about moving forward with Him to the conference. It made me feel so good to see 7 of our girls standing there worshipping together! I know a few wanted to come that couldn't and when you add those in... well, it just makes you feel great to know that you have friends that are seeking the same thing in their lives!

Here are a few of our friends and a few more came later! They are sweet, sweet friends that love Jesus!
Whew! It's been busy! But the Lord is so good!
Have a good weekend!


Faith said…
It really was a wonderful time in the Lord. I am so glad that we were able to share in it!
You are right, God will move and provide for Liney...as Priscilla pointed out, it may not be the exact same way He moved last time, but He WILL move. We have that promise! Continuing to pray for her, and you and Steve.
Love you sister!
Amy E. said…
A great weekend!! It is so amazing how each of us are dealing with different things and how He spoke to us in different ways through the same message. He is good!
love you ----

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