Process or Purpose?

Last night we finished up a revival, of sorts, at our church and let me tell you... it was ROCKIN! The pastors in our area were invited to come and be revived, as well as the congregation, so the guest pastors that spoke were really seeking to speak a word of encouragement and MAN did they ever?!
Junior Hill was an older pastor that spoke last night and his sermon was really intriguing! I loved this point:
"Process must never be mistaken for purpose."

He was preaching on heartaches and how everyone goes through them. "Heart aches are not unselective, but are common to man."

He was sharing that we must never mistake the process that we must endure for the purposes that God has for us. The process is not always fun or easy, but His purposes are higher and they are never to hurt you! He proposes to help us and the purpose for us!

Pastor Hill also explained that we have a hard time seeing what God is doing when we are in the middle of the process. His hand is not hurried and He wants us to be slow in passing judgement on others because we never know when they are enduring the process.

When I look back over processes I have endured I realize just how right he is! God's hand will not move faster through our circumstance just because we pitch a fit or cry in anguish. It is not His plan to fit our time table or meet our every single want when we think they should be met. Sometimes it's hard because we think we might not make it one more day if He does not intervene, but the entire time He is there... carrying us, hearing our cries and developing a testimony for Him!

Some processes are pure anguish. The loss of a job, the longing for a child, the loss of a child, the never ending illness of a dying loved one... all press us in on every side! They hurt and we desperately cry out in pain for our Abba Daddy to give us relief! And yet He is there meeting our needs in the ways that we might not see.

Process. Where are you in YOUR process with God? How is He carrying you and are you trusting Him?
Such amazing questions that require a moment with our Father. Cry out to Him and walk through the process together.

I love you Lord. Thank you for being with me through the process. For holding my hand and drying my tears. Forgive me for doubting Your perfect will for me and help me to trust You. My life is a process that needs to be fully handed to You. Help me Lord. Be with my friends going through a process as they trust You. You know each one by name and each process by every detail they face. Carry them Lord.


Faith said…
God is good and His Word is alive and active, isn't it! For that I am thankful. And I am so thankful for you, my friend, and your prayers for us. Love you so!
Love this post. Well said. Wish I could have heard
this wonderful man of God myself!
Your family is just beautiful
The Nester said…
Hate me, I didn't read the entire post. I did see your link to Hickory Grove--our boys did b-ball at the north campus! We attend Lake Forest in Huntersville. So glad to find another blogger so close!

I would love to plan a bloggie get together sometime--would you be interested?
dear Techy one - how do you add that music thingy??? please help one not so techy... thanks
Kelly said…
I just moved to Wesley Chapel, NC...I found your blog through the Nester...I too have a daughter with a sensory disorder. God is good and so faithful...
Melissa said…
OH Kelly!
How nice to have you stop by! I would love to hear how you and your daughter are doing! We are doing sooo good now. God is good and He has provided for us in amazing ways! We should chat! Thanks again for stopping by!

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