Spring Things I Love

It's really spring now! I think. I mean one day it's definitely springy and the next day we are getting out the big coat.

I love love love the flowers (not the pollen) and the beautiful trees.

I love the rain that we played in.

I love the birds flying and playing around.

I love the cooler temps at night and warmer days.

I love the clothes!

I love the shoes!

I love the purses!

I love the yummy spring time food... ham, deviled eggs, tea, corn on the cob...yummmm!

I just love it!

I love the dogwood that's blooming in my yard. It's a small one, but it's a dogwood.

I love wearing shorts and flip flops.

It really is amazing that the Lord... Maker of heaven and earth... can allow the seasons to change and that He allows US to participate in His creativity. I love being creative.

It's awesome to see His hand at work in the colors of the trees and flowers. The changes in the weather and the growth that takes place each year. The sun sits differently in the sky and the life around us is new. Simply amazing!
Though our lives may seem uncertain at times... our futures hard to predict... the Lord God is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. His hand is never shortened and His plans do not fail. He is perfect and He has all things in His hands. The colors of the trees, flowers and sky are totally within His ability to change. He never sleeps so He is always aware of what they... and we... are doing. He is never surprised by a hard freeze that may harm a flowers' bloom, and nothing can touch us without being sifted through His hands.
I do love spring. It reminds me of God's ability to bring new life from something that may seem mundane. Grass, trees, the sky.. they are here all of the time and we so take them for granted... until they put on a show! THEN... God reminds me that in Him all things are made beautiful... we just have to sometimes wait until the spring of the year.


Faith said…
Love your list! You made me hungry thinking about the Spring foods...oh I could tear up some of my momma's horseradish deviled eggs!
And love the reminder that Spring brings new life...that's what I'm praying for!

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