A Lot of Nothing

Well, it's spring break and basically we are doing a lot of nothing. Actually, it's nice to sleep a little later and not be on a big schedule. We've played with friends, eaten lunch out and had time to do laundry and run to the grocery without feeling like I had better hurry or I would be late for the beloved carline.

AAHHH carline. Nope. Don't miss it.

It's funny. We went to a favorite little lunch place today...just me and the Caroline.. and walked in to ALL sorts of folk who had the same idea. As soon as we walked in one of our friends greeted us with "It's Spring Break.... and we are ALL here... to get our kids out beforewekillthem! Good to see you!" IT'S TUESDAY PEOPLE! And summer is coming! Oh goodness.

My friend Nicki (www.threegirlygirlz.blogspot.com) had an entire post about things to do for the week that would not involve lots of money. Now, THAT is a thinking mama. (ya'll need to teach me how to do the whole linky thing.. you know I am not techy... farthest thing from it girls!)

So tomorrow we are headed to the dentist. SHHHHHHHHHHHH! DO NOT TELL Caroline!! Girlfriend threw up in the parking lot one time because she hates it so much!


BUT she has two cavities and we GOTTA go. I will certainly have drama to blawg about.
BUT no camera mind you or you KNOW I would do photos.

Still not bitter. No ma'am I am not.

Anyhoo... just saying there's nothing going on... and I am kind of glad for once. :)


Stephanie said…
Melissa you are so funny girl, and look good luck at the big "D" tomorrow, girl I am feeling ya. Jonathan went to get his filled when he was little, and he got so sick they couldn't do the. I will be praying for ya'll.
Nicki said…
Let me see.....was it Chick Fil A?? =) Yes, that would be "I'm about to lose my mind" hangout for momma's on spring break!! And you're right....summer's coming. But you know what I'm thinking.....KINDERGARTEN'S coming!! Two down!! One to go!! =) So maybe, just maybe time will fly quickly??!! Or not. =) I'm going to have to get real creative with a no money summer budget!!

Hope you enjoyed tonight....my soul was blessed away!!
Melissa said…
We were actually at Mint Hill Deli and there were lots of folks in there. SO funny! Everyone just trying to get out of the house.

The conference was awesome! Good stuff that I SOO needed to hear.

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